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The graduate programs in psychology offer the Master of Science Degree in Community Psychology with a Black Psychology and Multicultural Mental Health emphasis. The Community Psychology curriculum and course descriptions are as follows:

 NOTE:  The Community Psychology program at Florida A&M University is not a license/certificate generating program.  Students interested in learning more about the Florida Master’s level licensure process should click the link below to go to the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling website to obtain more information.



CLP6166: Psychopathology. (3) Describes the major clinical syndromes from multidimensional approach, with emphasis on a social learning approach. Presents a critical examination of DSM III and its implications for classifying psychopathology, particularly in multicultural/minority populations. (Lecture)

CLP6445: Individual Personality Testing. (4) Provides experience and knowledge of personality assessment. Includes theory, administration, scoring, and the interpretation of objective and projective techniques, with an emphasis on African-centered approaches to the study of personality. Report writing is emphasized. (Lecture, clinical laboratory demonstrations)

CYP6936: Seminar in Community Psychology. (3) This seminar focuses on the application of clinical and psychological principles and procedures to multicultural community structures and settings. Social intervention and prevention models and consultation, evaluation, and social action research strategies will be emphasized, particularly as they relate to the mental health of African-American communities. (Lecture, field experience)

CYP6938: Advanced Seminar in Black Psychology. (3) Includes an in-depth study of theories and research concerning the nature of the African-American social reality in modern American society, as well as the nature and dynamics of Black personality and Black mental health. Emphasis will be given to theory and research that have grown out of the recent Black Psychology literature. (Lecture)

CYP6948: Internship in Community Psychology. (V) Supervised practical experience in agencies and institutional settings with a multicultural focus. (Field experience)

DEP6056: Developmental Psychology. (3) Traditional and multicultural theories of human psychological development and related research will be treated, as well as current issues and developments in the field. (Lecture)

EAB6766: Advanced Behavior Modification. (3) Specific behavior change programs directed toward school and community. Emphasis on community control of behavior and changing the community as a means of changing behavior. Multicultural issues in application will also be considered. (Lecture, classroom and laboratory demonstration)

PPE6055: Seminar in Theories of Personality. (3) Acquaints students with traditional and multicultural models of personality, and their utility in understanding and explaining human behavior and mental health issues in contemporary American society. (Lecture)

PSY6064: Proseminar in Advanced General Psychology: (3) Intensive focus on three major substantive areas of psychology: History and Systems, Learning and Cognition, and Perception and Sensation. Emphasis on multicultural contributions and models, contemporary issues and research. (Lecture)

PSY6206: Psychological Statistics, Measurement and Evaluation. (3) Survey of descriptive and inferential statistics, methods for measuring and evaluating change in educational and community institutional programs, and cross-cultural issues in measurement and evaluation of behavior. Some usage of SPSS software analysis. (Lecture and computer laboratory)

PSY6216: Research Methods. (3) Treatment of fundamentals of behavior research and cross-cultural applications. Stress is placed cultural values and conceptual framework in research, research problems, design of research and statistical analysis, and the relationship between them. Emphasizes scientific approach to solution of problems in psychology and education. APA style writing emphasized. (Lecture, classroom and laboratory demonstrations, field experience)

SPS6191: Psychoeducational Assessment I (4) Administration, scoring and interpretation of the WISC-R, WPPSI, WAIS-R and the Stanford Binet intelligence scales with consideration of multi-cultural limitations and alternatives. (Lecture, classroom and laboratory demonstrations, field experience)

PSY6971: Thesis. (V) Independent psychological research in some area of psychology under the direction of a graduate faculty member.

SPS6206: Intervention Techniques. (3) Application of various intervention strategies to multicultural populations. Emphasis is placed on mental health and psychoeducational counseling, short and long-term intervention strategies, and multicultural models of prevention. (Lecture, classroom demonstrations, field experience)


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