The School of Nursing

Florida A&M University is proud of its glorious past and long tradition of excellence in nursing education. Our faculty and staff have a long history of valuing educational access, fostering close student-faculty relationships, and achieving the highest standards of professional excellence. Our location in the state's capital provides us multiple opportunities to involve faculty and students in governmental issues that affect nursing health policy issues.

Close student-faculty relationships prepare graduates with clinical reasoning skills, technological proficiency, knowledge of social justice principles, and the ability to practice professionally in a variety of medical and health care delivery systems. The faculty is grounded in their understanding of the realities of delivering services, with a focus on contemporary community-based health promotion and disease prevention nursing. Health care challenges across the lifespan of both rural and urban populations are addressed. 

Vision Statement

The School of Nursing will be a vibrant and a live community of scholars, leaders, practitioners with state and national prominence.The School of Nursing is committed to the creation of environments that are conducive to learning, scholarly inquiry, the development of innovative services to the gobal community and continuous quality improvement. The School of Nursing will be an exemplar of excellence among academic school or colleges of nursing.  


1.  To educate individuals to function as generalists at the undergraduate level and as         
         specialists at the master's level in professional nursing.
2.  To provide a supportive envirnonment to foster research by faculty and students.

3.  To be responsive to the service needs of the community.


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