Fine Arts Program
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Visual Arts Program

FAMU Visual Arts Program listed as one of 20 TOP HBCU Art Programs

BE INSPIRED! Discover your creative voice and develop your artistic skills and imagination through our intimate program where students are known by name and can receive individualized instruction through hands-on experiences. From inception, students are challenged to construct and view artwork in their foundation-level courses. The encouragement of a cross-pollination of traditional media and digital technology is strongly encouraged and often utilized. Portfolios are evaluated annually as to keep them on pace to matriculate with a high degree of artistic dexterity. In our program students will not only learn how to create art, but also they will acquire experience with professionals in the visual arts world.

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Annual Lunch for Graduating Seniors (Spring 2018)

(pictured from left to right: Dr. Nan Liu, Ms. Quanee Smith, Ms. Courtney Dickey, Mr. Denzel Goldwire, Prof. Harris Wiltsher, Prof. Aja Roache, Dr. Courtnay Micots)

Spring 2019 Graduates: Ms. Shante Griffin, Ms. Stephanie Smith, Ms. Kaiyla Thompson
Spring 2020 Graduate: Ms. Shacara Shaw
Fall 2020 Graduating Seniors: Ms. Kala Brown, Ms. Imani Carter, Ms. De'Auzhoni Woods

The Visual Arts program is a degree-granting program unit of the Department of Visual Arts, Humanities & Theatre.  Our curricula is designed to give students a knowledgeable survey of each field and expose future artists to a variety of media and academic courses for the enrichment of their creative processes to build critical, historical, philosophical and productive perspectives and prepare them for careers in the fine arts. Behind each student artwork lies countless hours of research, critical reflection and the application of skills acquired in the classroom. Graduates are qualified for positions in fine art, art administration, art history, electronic media, art education, museum studies, graphic design and related two and three dimensional art and design fields. 

Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Center
Visual Arts Program
1630 - 1640 Pinder Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32307
Main Art Office (850) 599-3161
Departmental Office (850) 599-3831
Assigned University Advisor: (850) 692-8835


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1630- 1640 Pinder Street
100 Foster-Tanner Art - East
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: (850) 599-3161