Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

The Master’s degree programs in Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) address the need for more highly trained teachers with a focus on proficiency in instruction. The programmatic curricula is designed to provide educators with online courses that are structured to ensure that future candidates will study the philosophical and theoretical foundations of curriculum development while gaining an understanding of instructional strategies that best address the needs of a diverse student population in the specific content areas listed below.

Instruction, Learning and Assessment (On-Line)

Minority and Urban Education (On-Line)

     STEM Education (In Development/On-Line)

    Music Education (Hybrid/On-Line)

Elementary Education
(In Development/On-Line)

TESOL Education (In Development/On-Line)


Those educators who pursue administrative roles will be provided with rich experiences through research and inquiry in an examination of diverse approaches to program evaluation and improvement. The programs allow individuals to enhance their current skill sets as related to instructional and assessment strategies, application of theoretical foundations of curriculum development, research and inquiry as foundations for data-driven decisions about curriculum and instruction, technology, and core principles of program evaluation and instruction within the specific content areas.

The 30-credit- hour- program will employ a cohort model and may be completed in five semesters . Candidates seeking admission into the C&I program must meet the School of Graduate Studies and Research admission requirements.

Graduate School Application Deadlines


Entry Term


Early Decision Determined By


Regular Deadline

International Applicants
(Will need to apply for an F-1 student visa)

(August to December)

April 1

July 1

February 15

(January to April)


November 1

August 1

(May to August)


March 1

December 1



Please contact the Department of Secondary Education, Technology Education and Foundations at 850-599-3125 for more information.

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