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About Organizational Development & Training

Training, development and knowledge skill gaps are the fusion that drives and maintain a successful work environment. The goal of the Training department is to serve as an intellectual repository, providing programs and services to foster learning and development opportunities for all employees. Employees will be able to access the necessary functional, professional and basic technology skills to empower the University. Several programs will focus on increasing employees’ proficiency; strengthening financial management and promoting better prepared employees to serve and enhance the University’s growth and organizational readiness.
Training and development staff has researched, designed and implemented courses based on University employees’ departmental job functions and responsibilities. These courses provide employees with the knowledge and skill sets required to maintain an effective work environment. The department offers training in categories as Basic Technology Skills, Career Development Training, Fiscal Administration, Grants Management, Human Resources, Individual Performance Development, and University-wide Compliance.
To ensure that all employees are offered training, courses has been designed to be delivered in a variety of methods, including instructor-led classroom setting, and e-learning. Employees have the convenience of completing e-learning courses online at their office or in the comfort of their home during a 24 hour period, 7-days-a-week.
All employees attending training will be awarded continuing education credits (CEU’s) from the Organizational Development and Training department.
Organizational Development & Training Department maintains a tracking system of employee training, workshops and support sessions to ensure that appropriate personnel in all departments receive training.
*Employees requiring special accommodations, please contact Equal Opportunity   Programs @ 599-3076 at least five (5) work days prior to training

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