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QEP - Write On FAMU

About QEP

Executive Summary

Florida A&M University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), #WriteOnFAMU, seeks to create a culture in which students become actively engaged in their learning through writing proficiency. #WriteOnFAMU will build a campus climate in which faculty are encouraged and supported to teach with high-impact educational practices and create opportunities for students to: enhance their writing proficiency, reflect on their own writing, and provide meaningful feedback to their peers.

Desired Goals and Outcomes

The #WriteOnFAMU QEP is focused on enhancing proficiency in writing.

Learning Environment Outcome
Develop a culture of writing by enhancing resources and learning environments to improve writing proficiency.

Key Activities:
  • Identify writing enhancement courses across curriculums to ensure students are receiving instruction on how to improve their writing throughout their matriculation.
  • Provide additional resources to the writing resource center.
  • Develop a recognition/reward system for faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty Outcome
Faculty will incorporate high impact pedagogies and provide co-curricular experiences that improve written communication skill.
Key Activities/Competencies:

  • Faculty and staff value high-quality writing.
  • Faculty incorporate high-impact pedagogies that improve written communication skills, such as: problem-based learning, collaborative learning, capstone projects, project-based learning, etc.
  • Faculty and staff provide co-curricular experiences, such as: service learning, research, co-curricular activities, attending related campus events, attending off-campus events, etc.

Student Learning Outcome
Students will be able to effectively express thoughts and synthesize ideas using standard English and appropriate vocabulary in quality written documents related to their disciplines.

Key Competencies:

  • Explain the importance of writing in relation to learning and career success.
  • Exhibit confidence in ability to effectively organize and express ideas in writing.
  • Utilize Standard English and appropriate vocabulary in writing.
  • Effectively proof read and edit written work, both self and peers.
  • Develop career-appropriate and discipline-specific documents with well-founded perspectives related to the students' emphases.
  • Utilize appropriate and relevant content to synthesize ideas within the context of the discipline in writing.



2018 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)




Quality Enchancement Plan (QEP)