Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science

Plant and Soil Science

The Plant and Soil Science major prepares students to feed the world through careers in crop production plant sciences, as well as soil and natural resource management. Students in this major receive cutting edge training in many field including soils, biotechnology, and GIS. They also receive many experiential learning experiences through our associated research and extension programs. Graduates gain employment in state and federal agricultural and environmental agencies as well as seed and agricultural companies in the private sector. They employ our graduates in a variety of positions including agronomists, research technicians, extension agents, and crop and soil specialists. Graduates are also prepared to pursue a variety of graduate degrees.

BS in Plant and Soil Science Curriculum

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Program Faculty

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Odemari Mbuya (850) 599-3594

Gardner, Cassel S.  

Duke Edwin


Islam El Sharkawy  

Muchovej James  

Milla, Katherine  

Alfredo Lorenzo  

Lucy Ngatia  

Violeta Tsolova