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Workforce Education
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Technology Education at FAMU

What is Technology Education?

Technology Education is practice of educating students about different technologies. This can be done at any point in a student's educational career; however, the Technology Education Undergrad Program at Florida A&M University produces educators that will teach in either middle or high schools.

What is Technology?
In most dictionaries, technology is defined as "applications of tools and methods" or something similar.  To the general public, and especially in education, the term technology is spelled "c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r-s," equating "technology" to one technological tool. A computer is a tool, but provides a very narrow view of the scope of technology as a whole.  Computers are definitely one form or type of technology, but technology is much, much more than computers alone.

Technology encompasses several different constructs that have been categorized by several state and national programs, organizations and standards. They include: Bio and Medical Technologies, Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies, Electronics, Energy and Power, Information Technologies and Transportation. Within these constructs are a plethora of sub-technologies. For example, Energy and Power technologies can include sub-technologies from automobile engines to green energy sources such as solar and wind energy.

The Technology for All Americans Project that is sanctioned by the International Technology Education Association (ITEA) which sets standards for the study of technology, defines technology as "how humans modify the world around them to meet their needs and wants or to solve practical problems."