Transfer Student Services

Office of Transfer Student Services
welcomes you to Florida A&M University!  We are here to assist you on your educational journey as you transition from your current educational institution to FAMU. Our staff provides assistance and oversight to include: recruitment, transfer admissions advising, transfer orientation, curriculum maps, direction for campus resources, priority registration and scholarships for eligible students. 

Through our IGNITE Program, students who attend an (FCS) Florida College System institution are guaranteed general admission into FAMU after completion of an associate’s degree, [Pursuant to 1007.23 F.S.]. Note: Limited access programs may require additional admissions and prerequisite requirements.

Florida A&M University stands unsurpassed as of one of today’s top historically black colleges & universities in the United States.  Degree offerings include: bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programs.  Florida A&M University currently has articulation agreements with fifteen Florida College System institutions throughout Florida.  For a list of institutions, Click Here

If you currently attend one of these institutions, please complete the online enrollment form, found here, IGNITE

Participants must have 0-30 earned academic credits to be eligible.  Enrollment in the program provides general admission into FAMU after graduating from a Florida College System institution.  Students who enroll in IGNITE will also have access to transfer student services staff who will guide them through the transfer admissions process.  Additionally, IGNITE students will have access to curriculum maps, campus resources and scholarships.

The IGNITE Card is available to IGNITE students with a college grade point average of 3.0 or higher (4.0 scale).  The card grants FREE access to most FAMU athletic and on-campus events.  Card recipients must provide an official copy of their current transcript, take a photo for card identification, and serve as a FAMU student ambassador at their current institution.  For more information, call (850) 412-5512.



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P: 850.412.5512