Title III

Title III Programs
Dr. Charles Weatherford
Interim Executive Director

The mission of Title III Programs is to ensure that federal resources are effectively and efficiently used to assist the University in becoming self-sufficient and expanding its capacity to serve low-income students. The funds are provided to improve and strengthen the University’s academic quality, institutional management, fiscal stability, and student service outcomes.

Graduate Activities

Pharmacy Administration    --Johnnie Early

Minority Graduate Engineering Program   -- Clayton Clark

Advancing Graduate Studies in Environmental Sciences and Policy through Interdisciplinary Research Programs    -- Victor Ibeanusi    

Enhancing Library Resources and Services for Graduate Programs   -- Faye Watkins 

Enhancement of J.D. Program at the College of Law    -- LeRoy Pernell

School of Architecture Graduate Enhancement Program    -- Andrew Chin

Academic Enhancement of Graduate Health Management
Education    -- Jullet Davis Weaver
Enhancing Graduate Programs in Science   -- Richard Alo

SAFRA Activities 

Nursing   -- Henry Talley

STEM Student Success Initiatives    -- Richard Alo

Brooksville Training Program    -- Fred Gainous

Blending STEM Disciplines and Public Policy  -- Clayton Clark

Academic Technology Integration Project    --Franzetta Fitz 
Interdisciplinary Health Science Initiatives    -- Mary Simmons 

Undergraduate Activities  

Academic Success Institute    --Teri Little-Berry
Engineering Learning Community    -- Charmane Caldwell

Online Education    -- Franzetta Fitz  

Honors Program    -- Emma Dawson

Academic Support - Library    -- Faye Watkins   

Teacher Education and Certification     -- Patricia Green-Powell

Strengthening Institutional Effectiveness    -- Beverly Barrington   

Institutional Development and Capacity Building    -- Shawnta Friday-Stroud

International Study (Exchange Program)    -- William Hyndman

Enhancing Enrollment Management and Financial Literacy    -- Shawnta Friday-Stroud   

Strengthening Business Infrastructure through Operational Excellence  -- Joyce Ingram
Technology Infrastructure  -- Michael A. James
Elementary and Secondary Education Outreach Program - Lewis Johnson

Developing an Undergraduate Research Program
- Lewis Johnson






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