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Department of Social Work

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Department of Social Work
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BSW Admissions Review Process

The BSW Program Director reviews the student's transcript and completes the Evaluation Form to verify that the student has completed all Liberal Arts Foundational courses. If a student has not completed Liberal Arts requirements, the BSW Program Director will assign the student a BSW Faculty Advisor and officially classify the student as a Pre-Social Work Major (major code: 27100) until the student completes the necessary courses and is then eligible to apply to the program to become a social work major (major code: 27102).

The establishment of the Pre-Social Work Major designation in Fall 2005 facilitates the academic advisement of freshman and sophomore students as well as that for students who may have completed enough courses to be classified as a junior or senior but has outstanding Liberal Arts courses that need to be completed.  Once the student has met Liberal Arts requirements the student's Admissions Packet  will be forwarded to the BSW Faculty for review.  The program does not have a separate Admissions Committee. The current size of the program allows all BSW faculty members to have input into admissions decisions.

The BSW Program Director forwards individual student files which contain the completed Evaluation Form, the student's Admissions Packet, and the student's official transcript to the faculty for review.  Also if there are Advisement notes, in the case of Pre-majors, these will also be included in the file for review.  BSW faculty members will evaluate the student's eligibility based on Liberal Arts course completion, and information contained within the student's Admissions Packet. Particular attention is paid to the student autobiographical narrative and the student's responses to questions regarding their criminal backgrounds and mental health histories. Elements from the student's application that faculty decisions are based on include the following:

  • Autobiographical narrative:  student's understanding of social work, motivation for entering the field of social work, short- and long-term career goals,
  • Criminal background:  the nature of the student's previous involvement with law enforcement  or the justice system (crime commitment and resolution of issues)
  • Mental Health history:  student's self-report of mental illness and the occurrence of counseling/or other treatment to resolve or manage student's mental health

When a student has issues in their background faculty will meet together to discuss concerns and request a conference with the student if necessary, prior to making a final admissions decisions.

Once the faculty has made a final decision, either unanimously or through consensus, the BSW Program Director will send the student an official letter informing them of the admission decision. If the student has been accepted into our program, the letter will identify the student's Advisor and information regarding the mandatory Orientation scheduled at the beginning of the upcoming semester.  If the student is not ready to become an upper-level social work student, the student will be contacted for a meeting with the BSW Program Director.