University Regulations

Chapter 10                             Personnel

 10.101Applicability of Part I
 10.102Classification; Compensation
 10.103Non-Discrimination Policy and Discriminatioin and Harassment Complaint Procedures
 10.104Direct Deposit Program
 10.105Recruitment Selection and Employment of University Faculty Administrative and Professional Executive Service USPS and OPS Employees
 10.106Nonreappointment and Separation of Administrative and Professional Employees
 10.107Employment of Non-US Citizens
 10.108Service Obligations
 10.109Faculty Administrative and Professional and USPS Employees Promotion
 10.110Additional Employment
 10.111Disruptive Conduct
 10.112Consensual Relationships
 10.113Layoff and Recall of Faculty Administrative and Professional and USPS Employees
 10.114Learning Opportunities
 10.115Retirement Programs
 10.116Workers' Compensation Unemployment Compensation and Drug Testing
 10.117Employee Recognition Program
 10.118University Employee Clearance
 10.119Evaluations for Faculty, Administrative and Professional including the Executive
Service, and University Support Personnel System Employees
 10.120Predetermination Procedures for Tenured and Permanent Status Faculty and USPS
 10.121Employment of Relatives
 10.122Outside Employment
 10.123Political Activity
 10.124Use of Facilities and Services
 10.125Other Official University Documents That Conflict
 10.126University Sick Leave Pool
 10.127Other Personal Services
 10.128Copyrights and Patents
 10.129Limited Access Records
 10.131Employee Background Screening and Fingerprinting
 10.201Applicability of Part II
 10.203Academic Freedom and Responsibility
 10.204Faculty Tenure
 10.205Disciplinary and Separation from Employment Actions for Faculty
 10.206Complaint Procedures for Tenured or Permanent Status Employees
 10.207Nonreappointment of Nontenured or Nonpermanent Status Faculty
 10.208Phased Retirement Program for Out of Unit Faculty
 10.209Change in Assignment of Faculty
 10.210Permanent Status for DRS Faculty Employees
 10.301Applicability of Part III
 10.302Disciplinary and Separation from Employment for USPS Employees
 10.303Complaint Procedures for USPS Employees
 10.304Permanent Status for USPS Employees
 10.305Other Official University Documents That Conflict

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