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Parking Services

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Phone  850-561-2657
Fax  850-599-8025

Parking Services
2400 Wahnish Way
POM Building-A
Tallahassee, FL 32307


Q. Do you have any tips for parking on campus?

A. Parking in the center of campus fills up quickly. Parking is most available in the parking garage and parking lots on the perimeter of campus.

Q. How can I contact Parking Services?

A. Parking Services can be contacted by calling (850) 561-2205 or (850) 561-2205. If you have questions, you can also email Parking Services at Parkingservices@famu.edu

Q. How do I know where to park with a valid permit?

A. At the entrance to the parking garage and parking lots there are signs posted with lot designations, acceptable permits.

Q. Can freshman resident obtain a decal to park on campus?

A. No.  Freshman residents are not permitted to possess and register a vehicle on campus.

Q. Where can visitors park on campus?

A. All visitors will need to obtain a visitor’s permit to park on campus.  A Permit can be obtained at the Parking Information Center located at 1420 Wahnish Way (Corner of Wahnish Way and Gamble Street.) Visitors are welcome to park in all parking lots designated as “General Parking”. Visitors may also park in any metered spot available (meters must be paid).

Q. Where is disabled parking on campus?

A. At Florida A&M University, we strive to ensure our campus is accessible. Our campus has many disabled parking spaces to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to their destination.

Q. What is the Transportation Access Fee applied to?

A. The transportation access fee of $$65.00 for Fall/Spring Semester and $33.00 for Summer Semester provides parking permits, the Venom Express bus system, and parking lot and garage maintenance and upkeep.

Q. Where can I park my motorcycle/scooter?

A. Motorcycles and scooters are required to park in designated parking spots that are solely for two-wheeled vehicles. They may also park in metered spaces as long as they pay that meter.

Q.  What hours are Parking and Traffic Regulations enforced on campus?

A. Parking and Traffic Regulations are enforced 24 hours a day by Parking Services and the FAMU Police Department.

Q. Where can I obtain a copy of the Parking and Traffic Regulations?

A. Parking and Traffic Regulations can be obtained by visiting the university website (Parking and Traffic Regulations right click here). Parking and Traffic Regulations booklet can also be obtained at the Parking Information Center located at 1420 Wahnish Way (Corner of Wahnish Way and Gamble Street).

Q.  When and how is student vehicle registration conducted?

A. Students registration begins each year in September and continues through the entire year with the exceptions of Christmas break and the month of August. Student vehicle registration is conducted online  at www.famu.edu. Click on the “Student Link” then click “Parking Registration.  Students will sign into the vehicle registration portal using there student ID number and last name. Only current enrolled students can register.