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Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Study

The Department of Mathematics offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. Students completing our program find employment in business, industry, government, and are prepared for graduate school in mathematics, applied mathematics, and other related disciplines. There are three (3) tracks under Mathematics degree program. The traditional mathematics track prepares students for advanced study in graduate school. There is also an actuarial sciences track that prepares students for entry into the insurance industry. And, for those students interested in industry or cross disciplinary activities, there is the mathematical sciences track. Here students are not only trained as mathematicians but also are skilled in an area of application, such as computer science, biology for bioinformatics or mathematical biology, chemistry, economics, and finance/accounting, name a few.

A grade of C or better is required in each course taken for credit for a major or minor in mathematics.

Curriculum Guides

As stated earlier, the Department of Mathematics at Florida A&M University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with three (3) areas of concentration: actuarial sciences, mathematical sciences, traditional mathematics. The first degree allows students to not only apply for jobs asking for mathematics majors but also apply for jobs in actuarial sciences (concentration in actuarial sciences), with engineering firms/corporations and related agencies (mathematical sciences),  and jobs needing programmers (mathematical sciences). Those students concentrating in traditional mathematics will be prepared to enter graduate school in mathematics or a closely related field. If you have any questions concerning a particular track, please direct them to the Department of Mathematics ((850)599-3755,, @DeptofMath on Twitter, Department of Mathematics on Facebook).  Curriculum guides for the above tracks are:
                                                  Actuarial Sciences
                                                  Mathematical Sciences
                                                  Traditional Mathematics

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