Teacher Induction Center

The Center for Teacher Induction and Research is ready to provide you with a support structure that will ensure both your successful transition into teaching and support your development in the teaching profession. The overarching goal of the Center is to accelerate your professional development to increase student success.

The Center was established through a collaborative effort of the faculty members of the Florida A&M University Professional Education Unit (PEU). The design of the program of Center incorporates a belief that teacher leader and other educational preparation does not stop at university graduation. Thus, the Center has outlined a set of programs and strategies to promote the personal and professional growth of its graduates during their first three (3) years of professional practice.

The FAMU PEU Induction Program seeks to:
  1. Enhance the success of FAMU PEU education graduates as measured by their pupils’ performance on state and district learning assessments;
  2. Improve the content knowledge, disposition, and pedagogical skills of FAMU PEU graduates and other new education professionals in the schools in which they are employed through ongoing professional development; and,
  3. Provide focused support for up to three years following program completion to FAMU PEU teaching, leadership, and other professional graduates in areas of professional needs as identified by the graduates themselves or by their employers.

Contact Info

501 Orr Drive
GEC-C 108
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: 850-412-7001
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E: kirk.gavin@famu.edu