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Welcome to the Office of Human Resources at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University!

Human Resources serves as a "strategic" partner and collaborator with the University’s varied stakeholders, ensuring alignment of the function to the business of university administration. These partnerships afford the Office of Human Resources the flexibility to not only anticipate and proactively manage change and HR matters, but also to take proactive leadership in many other areas as appropriate. It is with this view of performance that the entire HR team strives to deliver HR systems, tools and services to Florida A&M University in a manner exemplifying professionalism, service excellence, respect, teamwork and with the utmost regard for diversity and inclusion.

Joyce A. Ingram
Chief of Staff for Finance and Administration
Associate Vice President for Human Resources

About Human Resources

HR is a full-service department that is responsible for providing and addressing a wide range of human resources and personnel related services to the University.  Among the responsibilities of HR are benefits and retirement; classification, recruitment and employment; diversity and inclusion; employee relations and record management; organizational development and training; payroll; time and attendance; and workforce administration.

Strategic Imperatives

Diversity and Inclusion
Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency
Talent Management

Guiding Principles

As HR Practitioners, we will hold ourselves accountable for our actions, words and deeds by embracing and adopting the following guiding principles for optimal individual and team performance.


Ethical Behavior

Give and Receive Feedback

Manage Conflict

Understand our Roles and Responsibilities as Team Members

Make Decisions

Problem Solve and Process Improvement

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