School of Graduate Studies and Research
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Role of the School of Graduate Studies and Research
The School of Graduate Studies and Research plays a central role in a student’s manuscript preparation and submission process. It is our goal to make sure that the student’s progress is as smooth as possible. A number of forms and applications must be retrieved, completed, signed or filed in our office. In many cases, a signature from the Graduate Dean is the final one, which means that processes for many required procedures are usually initiated by the student or in the student’s department.

Thesis and Dissertation Manual

Dissertation Template

Thesis and Dissertation Approval Form
Please refer to the Thesis and Dissertation approval form.
NOTE: You will only need to complete the first page if a revised form is being filed as a result of a chage (i.e. for a committee member or title change.

Contract for Binding a Thesis or Dissertation
Please note the new cost of binding:  $100.00 up to 199 pages & $125.00 for 200 or more pages.

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