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FAMU PhD student in Mechanical Engineering receives Fulbright U.S. Student Award

Renee Gordon
FAMU Mechanical Engineering
PhD Graduate Student

Saundra Wheeler
College of Agriculture
and Food Sciences


Academic Common Market Scholars

Florida A&M University (FAMU) is a participating institution in the Academic Common Market (ACM) program with other southern universities sharing unique academic programs on the undergraduate and graduate level. However, FAMU only participates at the graduate level.

The Academic Common Market offers students the opportunity to enter degree programs that are not available in their home state, while still being eligible to pay in-state tuition rates. Students taking part in this program must be admitted by a participating university (notifying that university of their planned attendance as an ACM Scholar), and will need to obtain a letter of certification from their respective ACM state coordinator.

The first step is to contact your respective state coordinator for information on how to apply for the Academic Common Market. Contact information for state coordinators can be found on the following website: http://home.sreb.org/acm/states.aspx.

After making contact with your state coordinator, if you are eligible for the ACM, you can apply to FAMU online through the website at https://www.applyweb.com/famug/  When filling out the Florida Residency Classification section, select the option that states "I am a Florida Resident for tuition purposes" and fill out the entire section. Before saving the page, you will need to add an explanation for your Florida residency. Please select the letter "N," which states "I am a Southern Regional Education Board's Academic Common Market graduate student."

Upon submission of your application, and your program's required admissions criteria, you will receive a decision from the program in which you have applied. If accepted, you can present that information to your state coordinator, who will then be able to provide FAMU with a certification letter. With that letter, FAMU will then be able to offer you Florida residency for tuition purposes.

The participating universities are located in the following states:











North Carolina

West Virginia





South Carolina


*Only Florida, North Carolina, and Texas participate at the graduate level.

For more information, please contact the FAMU School of Graduate Studies at (850) 599-3505 or at 469 Tucker Hall, 515 Orr Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32307. Additional information on the Academic Common Market, including contact information for state coordinators and all

Graduate Student Grievance Procedure

It is the goal of Graduate Studies and Research to provide students with an expeditious, fair, equitable, and consistent procedure for resolving their academic grievances.  This policy includes procedures and rules to guide the student through the process.  The intent is to resolve issues informally before filing a complaint or seeking redress beyond the unit in which the alleged offense occurred.

·         The student shall submit his/her grievance in writing within 30 days or 10 days into the next semester by using the form located at http://www.famu.edu/graduatestudies/Grievance%20Form_Revised.pdf    This form should be stamped by the graduate coordinator or academic dean of the college to indicate the date and time the grievance was initiated.
·         The grievance process can start/stop at any level.  However, the graduate coordinator should act as the facilitator.
·         If the professor and graduate coordinator cannot find a satisfactory solution, the matter will be forwarded to the graduate committee/graduate faculty within the college.
·         The graduate committee/graduate faculty will forward a report indicating their decision to the dean of the college.
·         If the dean is not able to resolve the matter, the issue is forwarded to the graduate council committee on graduate student grievance.
·         The graduate council committee should submit a report to the Graduate Studies and Research dean.
·         The Graduate Studies and Research dean will review all of the documents provided on the issue and make a decision.
·         The Graduate Studies and Research dean will refer the matter to the provost if a satisfactory solution is not reached and if .
·         The provost shall make the final decision.
·         A written recommendation is required at each step.
·         The student, professor, the graduate coordinator, the dean of the college and Graduate Studies and Research dean should be provided copies of the written recommendation at each step.

Time Frame:
It is imperative that graduate student academic grievances be handled in an expeditious manner from the date of initialization.