Fine Arts Program

Student Evaluations

Visual Arts majors are required to participate in periodic Student Evaluations conducted by the faculty, sometimes with assistance from their colleagues and other art professionals. These evaluations are designed to let our students do the following.

- Express passion for a lifelong appreciation and understanding of the visual arts.

- Demonstrate proficiency in the skills necessary for success in graduate school and/or the professional workplace through a presentation of artwork.

- Utilize their critical thinking and communication skills through a formal presentation, including an artist’s statement and PowerPoint presentation.

- Receive constructive feedback from faculty, colleagues and other art professionals.

A minimum total score of 3.00 is expected on the Student Evaluation in order to successfully complete the requirements towards the degree. Additionally, high scores on these evaluations allow the student to apply for the Visual Arts Merit Award (link for Financial Aid/Scholarships page). Any student who fails to attain the minimum evaluation score is placed on probationary period and is asked to meet with the facilitator and their advisor about how to improve for the next evaluation.

A different evaluation form is completed by the faculty for freshmen-juniors and seniors. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors have one Student Evaluation per year. Seniors, in preparation for their graduating exhibition or project, have three Student Evaluations in their final year of matriculation - one in the semester prior to graduating and two during their last semester of residence. Additional evaluations may be scheduled if the student has a reasonable excused absence or need for postponement.

Note the requirements for the evaluations increase as the student progresses through the program. Freshmen are required to have a minimum of three original works of art to present, sophomores need six), juniors need 9, and seniors need 12. These are minimum requirements and the number of artworks also may vary depending upon the type of project, size, level of craftsmanship and processing time required. All freshman are required to present all work from Design and Drawing courses.

Ideally, artwork must be presentable (canvases stretched, works on paper, matted, etc.). Students must be prepared to present their artwork in a professional manner. This is your opportunity to shine!

Kishla Firmin in her Senior Evaluation 2017

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