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College of Education
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FAMU SMART Academies

The 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) program is a key component of the “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” Act (Federal Education Act), authorized under Title IV, Part B. It is an opportunity for students and their families to continue to learn new skills and discover new opportunities after the regular school day has ended.

The purpose of the program is to establish 21st CCLC programs that provide students with opportunities for academic enrichment, personal enrichment, and other activities designed to complement the students’ regular academic program. The 21st CCLC programs also engage adult family members, of actively participating students, through educational and personal development opportunities.

The 21st CCLC program provides safe environments for students during non-school hours. The program provides a range of high-quality services to support student learning and development, including, but not limited to: tutoring and mentoring, academic enrichment (e.g., homework assistance, reading, math, science, and technology programs), service learning, character education, physical education and recreational activities, and dropout prevention.

The Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Education in collaboration with the Florida A&M University Developmental Research School (DRS) are proud to announce the implementation of a Florida Department of Education 21st Century Community Learning Centers project. Commensurate with the state mandates, the project, FAMU SMART Academies (Science, Math, Arts, Reading, Technology) embraces the opportunity to positively influence student performance through the implementation of innovational educational practices. Select academic disciplines are offered in after school and summer programs for students enrolled at DRS. FAMU SMART Academies feature five academies in the areas of science, mathematics, reading and technology. The Arts, including visual, performing and culinary are infused in each academy. The academies provide opportunities that address the academic needs of students through project-based activities, homework assistance, tutoring, field experiences and career exploration. All instructions are delivered through curricular materials that are research-proven. Academies offer parent involvement opportunities to facilitate character development and encourage family literacy. The FAMU SMART Academies program is primarily designed to support DRS academic structure; enhance students’ performance on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FACT); increase the number of students graduating from high school; improve the academic performance of at-risk students; and facilitate at-risk students’ admission to college.

Dr. Rufus Ellis, Jr., Director
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Office: FAMU SMART Academies
College of Education
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