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College of Education

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College of Education
501 Orr Drive
GEC-A 300
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Candidate Empowerment Center

The Candidate Empowerment Center (CEC) offers teacher education candidates academic support and provides assistance in the preparation for the General Knowledge (GK) Examination, Professional Education Examination (PED), and Subject Area Examination (SAE) of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) via practice exams, tutoring and print resources which help improve course and FTCE pass rates.

Our Center takes the time to get to know our candidates’ educational needs to better serve them.  We offer online modules whose test design help target students’ study needs.  Our tutors use the results of these tests to assist in their preparation. Practice runs of the exam are also available so that students have a real-life example of how their test-day will be.

Our center is equipped with a computer lab and a resource library. Students enrolled in the College of Education are able, and encouraged, to check-out any of the print resources or receive online access to any of our tutoring software services to assist them in their test preparation. We also offer tutoring services for Reading, Math, Writing & English courses.

Resources Available…

CEC is dedicated to the academic and professional success of our teacher education candidates! The center provides several resources, free of cost, which will prepare our students to be the Exemplary Professionals they are meant to be.

·         Lab is equipped with touch screen PCs with internet, Printer, Microsoft Office and tutorial software such as ThinkTime, TeachRite and MyFoundationsLab;

·         General Knowledge Sample Tests, Flashcards and Study Guides;

·         Professional Education Sample Test, Flashcards and Study Guides;

·         Monthly Workshops- study tips, subject area examination preparation, and small group workshops;

·         Tutoring Services in Math, Reading, English & Writing.

Referral Services        

The Candidate Empowerment Center also refers students to the various University student service agencies. Those agencies and their services include:

  • University Counseling Services- Inter-personal concerns
  • Center for Disability Accessibility and Resources (CeDar)- Learning disabilities
  • University Health Center- Health concerns
  • Academic Labs-Tutorial and remediation for academic courses
  • Career Counseling Center- Career choices, selections and options.

The Center expects students, with assistance from competent, committed faculty and advisors, to assume responsibility for their own academic success as they matriculate through the College and University. To accomplish this goal, students are responsible for knowing the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the University and the College as they pertain to their degree programs. To assist students familiarizing themselves with these expectations, the COE student handbook is available online at the University website: www.famu.edu/education.

For more information on the Student Empowerment Center, please contact us at 850.412.5613 or visit us at Gore Education Complex, Unit A, Suite 211.

Center Hours

Gore Education Complex, Unit A, Suite 211

Monday to Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm

Appointments can be made for hours between 6-8pm pending on student tutors' schedule.

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