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College of Science and Technology

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College of Science and Technology
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College of Science and Technology
Graduate Degrees Programs

Where Discoveries Happen!!!

Biological Sciences Majors

Master of Science in Biology (Molecular & Cellular Biology Concentration (A4181 - This program is designed to develop competency in the field of biology at the graduate level and also competency in research methods essential for pursuing doctoral studies. The program offers three areas of specialization: Cell and Molecular Biology, Physiology and Ecology. After completing the core courses, the student may choose one of the three curricula and also a topic for thesis research.

Chemistry Majors

Master of Science in Chemistry (A4281) - The thesis option is designed to provide students with advanced course work and experience in chemical research. The course-type option (non-thesis) is designed to provide students with a strong technical education, but with less emphasis on research. The non-thesis option is primarily designed for persons who wish to combine advanced work in chemistry with another profession, such as business or patent law for persons already engaged in an industrial or governmental occupation requiring advanced work in chemistry or for persons engaged (or who will be engaged) in high school or junior college teaching of chemistry.
Computer and Information Sciences Majors

Master of Science in Computer Science (A8182) –This program prepares students for a professional career in Software Development or Computer Science research.  It is designed to give students a deep foundation in computer science and exposes students to the complete life-cycle of computer application development.  This includes modeling, algorithm development, software development processes, programming languages, and development frameworks.  This program allows students to define an area of interest (concentration), providing a background and in-depth study in areas of expertise of faculty.  Current possibilities include mobile computing, security, bioinformatics, among others. This degree may be a terminal degree or preparation for receiving a Ph.D. in computing.
Physics Majors

Master of Science in Physics - This program is designed to provide a solid foundation in physics course work (beyond the baccalaureate level) and research essential for pursuing doctoral studies in physics or related academic areas. The successful student will be prepared to enter the work force, or enter a high quality Ph.D. program
Doctor of Philosophy in Physics - The primary objective of the doctorate program in Physics is to provide talented graduate students with a rigorous academic environment in which to conduct research and to develop the analytical, empirical, and leadership skills required for mathematical, scientific and technological careers. The Department is comprised of fifteen faculty members committed to excellence in research. The faculty conducts experimental research in the areas of:
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    • Axion and astrophysical particle detection
    • Laser ablation
    • Laser interactions with matter
    • Nanomaterial growth and properties
    • Plasma physics and theoretical research
    • Atomic and molecular scattering
    • Electronic and structural properties of carbon nanomaterials
    • Numerical algorithms and optimization methods
    • Quantum theory on manifolds