Office of Continuing Education
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The Office of Continuing Education

The Office of Continuing Education is an autonomous unit which reports directly to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and is responsible for ensuring that all non-credit educational programs sponsored by the University (held on or off campus) are conducted in accordance with the laws, rules, regulations and policies of the State of Florida, the Board of Governors and the University’s Board of Trustees.

Definition of Continuing Education Programs

The University identifies any educational event which is sponsored in whole or in part by Florida A&M University that involves the collection of revenue, expenditure of University funds or resources and/or the use of the University’s name as sponsor, co-sponsor or host as a continuing education program and requires prior approval by the Provost through the Office of Continuing Education. Additionally, the Office of Continuing Education is the only department authorized to collect revenue for continuing education programs. Such programs include but are not limited to the following:
• Workshops
• Conferences
• Seminars
• Symposia
• Institutes
• Youth Programs
• Summer Programs

Process for Program Approval

• The sponsoring department will complete the Planning Authorization Request (PAR) and obtain proper authorization for the program from the respective Dean (for academic programs) or Director (for non-academic programs).

• The sponsoring department will submit the fully executed PAR to the Office of Continuing Education.

• The sponsoring program’s representative will schedule a meeting with the Director of the Office of Continuing Education to review the details of the proposed program and create a preliminary budget if registration fees will be collected.

• Once all criteria have been met and the program is determined viable by the Director of the Office of Continuing Education, the program will be recommended to the Provost for approval.

• Upon the Provost’s approval, program implementation can begin.

• Upon completion of program, submit Program Summary.

Services Offered by the
Office of Continuing Education

We are here to assist you with the following services to make your program a success:

• Program Planning
• Financial Management
• Online Registration and payment
• Logistical Arrangements
• Marketing
 For a Planning Authorization Request form, CLICK HERE.
For a Program Summary form, CLICK HERE.

Contact Information

Florida A&M University
Office of Continuing Education
668 Gamble Street
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Phone: (850) 599-3474  •  Fax: (850) 561-2464

Phyllis Watson, Director
Margaret Whitaker, Administrative Coordinator
Sandra Bryant, Budget Coordinator
Eric Williams, Administrative Coordinator

Contact Info

668 Gamble St.
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: 850.599.3474
F: 850.561.2464