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Department of Chemistry

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Department of Chemistry
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Graduate Course Description

BCH 5045: Biochemistry (3) Prereq: One semester of introductory biochemistry or consent of instructor. A detailed study of the chemistry of nucleic acids; DNA, RNA and protein biosynthesis and processing; genes and control of gene expression recombinant DNA; gene function in immunological specificity and in development; genetic basis of cancer.
BCH 5340C: Protein Biochemistry (3) Prereq: One semester of introductory biochemistry or consent of instructor. A comprehensive study of chemistry of amino acids, peptides and proteins; protein structure; purification and analysis of proteins; protein turnover.
BCH 5501C: Enzymology (3) Prereq: One semester of introductory biochemistry or consent of instructor. Study of structure of enzymes; enzyme kinetics; mechanism of enzyme action and regulation of enzyme activity.
CHM 4144C: Chemical Separation Methods (3) Modern filtration technology, distillation and extraction instrumentation and methods, and chromatographic instrumentation and methods including gas liquid, thin layer column, high performance liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometry.
CHM 5140C: Electronic Instrumentation for Chemical Analysis (3) Review of Basic circuits for AC & DC signals. Amplifiers, operational amplifiers and other circuits used for analog signal processing. Modulation and demodulation techniques. Introduction to digital electronics, A-D/D-A converters. Microprocessors and introduction to computer control of chemical instrumentation. S/N enhancement methods.
CHM 5150C: Advanced Analytical Chemistry (3) Acid-Base, complexation, redox and solubility equilibria treated at an advanced level; electrochemical methods of analysis including potentiometric, coulometric, voltametric and conductometric methods. Statistical methods used in chemical analysis.
CHM 5151C: Spectrochemical Analysis Methods (3) Spectrochemical information and measurements. Optical sources, transducers and dispersive devices used in atomic and molecular spectroscopy. Nondispersive systems, multichannel analyzers, and multiplexing methods.
CHM 5225C: Advanced Organic Chemistry (3) Prereq: One year of undergraduate organic chemistry or consent of instructor. A survey of the major areas of contemporary organic chemistry, to include reaction mechanisms, reactive intermediates, molecular rearrangements, conformation analysis, and exercises in the synthesis of complex organic molecules.
CHM 5260C: Physical Organic Chemistry (3) Prereq: Advanced Organic Chemistry. An intensive examination of molecular orbital theory and orbital symmetry; thermochemistry and thermochemical kinetics in relation to the study of reaction mechanisms; solvent and substituent effects on rates and equilibria; localized and delocalized bonding.
CHM 5380C: Topics in Organic Synthesis (3) Prereq: Advanced Organic Chemistry. Discussion and application of modern synthetic methodology relating to natural products and other complex organic molecules, blocking groups and selective functional group interconversions.
CHM 5440C: Chemical Kinetics (3) Prereq: Chemical and Statistical Thermodynamics or consent of instructor. Theory and methods for the study of reaction rates and the elucidation of reaction mechanisms in the gas and liquid phases.
CHM 5460C: Chemical and Statistical Thermodynamics (3) Prereq: One year of calculus-based physical chemistry or consent of instructor. The purpose of the course is to extend the student's knowledge of chemical and statistical thermodynamics first introduced in an undergraduate physical chemistry course. The student should obtain a grasp of the underlying dynamical and statistical nature of thermodynamics. The main emphasis will be in equilibrium thermodynamics but non-equilibrium thermodynamics will also be presented.
CHM 5480C: Quantum Chemistry (3) Prereq: One year of calculus-based physical chemistry or by consent of the instructor. The purpose of the course is to develop in the student an understanding of the fundamentals of quantum mechanics and to use those fundamentals of quantum mechanics and to use those fundamentals as the basis for understanding the electronic structure of atoms and molecules and, in particular, the bonding structure of molecules. A level of mathematics rigor including the use of differential equations and vector analysis will be required.
CHM 5490C: Chemical Spectroscopy (3) Prereq: Quantum Chemistry. An introduction to the relationships among quantum mechanical formulations, experimentally determinable quantities obtained via spectroscopic methods and physical parameters related to the structure of molecular systems.  The main scope of the course will be devoted to an in-depth development of relations for elementary systems.
CHM 5531C: X-Ray Crystallography (3) Prereq: Inorganic chemistry principles. An introductory treatment of the principles and basic laws of crystallography. These laws and principles will be used to the solve molecular structures from x-ray diffraction data.
CHM 5540C: Chemical Application of Group Theory (3) Prereq: Admission to graduate program in chemistry. Required every semester for all students enrolled in graduate chemistry program. Requires participation in and attendance at the weekly departmental seminar.
CHM 5610C: Inorganic Chemistry Principles (3) Prereq: One semester of undergraduate inorganic chemistry or consent of instructor. Atomic structure, term symbols, modern bonding theories, acid-based chemistry, coordination chemistry, chemical reactions and mechanisms.
CHM 5650C: Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry (3) Prereq: Inorganic Chemistry Principles. A brief introductory treatment of group theory; presentation of modern structural techniques applicable to elucidation of inorganic molecules as revealed through spectroscopic methods.
CHM 5610C: Environmental Chemistry (3) Methods of sampling, detection monitoring, and analysis for chemical pollutants in the air, in the water environment, and in food and drugs; chemical technology's role in solid waste management; introduction to environmental laws.
CHM 5970C: Graduate Thesis in Chemistry (6-9) Prereq: Completion of core courses or consent of department.. Students will conduct individual research investigations in the area of their specific interest under the direction and supervision of a graduate faculty member. Upon completion of the research investigation, each student must submit a thesis in the acceptable format to his or her graduate committee and successfully defend the thesis in an oral presentation.
CHM 6935: Graduate Chemistry Seminar (1) Oral presentation on selected topics in the field of chemistry. Each graduate student is required to present one seminar in his or her area of specialization according to departmental standards