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Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR)

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850.599-3180
Fax  Fax: 850.561-2513

Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR)
667 Ardelia Court
Tallahassee, FL 32307

The CEDAR offers a wide range of support services and accommodations for all undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities. Appropriate services are determined and provided based upon the student's specific disability, functional limitations of the disability, and the academic requirements of the appropriate department, college, school or program. For more information on how to request accommodations please click HERE.

Accommodation policies and procedures can be found on the links on this page.

The CEDAR provides accommodations and services tailored to the individual need(s) of each student. If a student is not satisfied with the accommodations provided, he/she may engage in the grievance process to resolve the situation. When appropriate, disability services and reasonable accommodations can include the following:


§       Disability Assessment Services


§       Academic Student Services

         Course Registration Assistance

         Declaration of Major

         Change of major

         CLAST Waivers

         Academic Advising



§       Counseling Services & Resource Referrals

o       Disability Support &Empower Groups

o       Compensatory Techniques & Coping Strategies

o       Professional & Personal Development Workshops


§       Accommodations


         Alternative Testing Site

         Test Readers

         Change of Test Formats

         Extended Test and Quiz Time


         Modified Course Requirements

         Modified Course Assignments

         Extended Course Requirements

3. Classroom Accommodations

         Preferential Seating Recommendation

         Class Relocation Recommendation

         Note Takers

         Reduced Course Load Recommendation

         Books in Alternative Format

        Recorded Lectures

        Readers, Interpreters, & Scribes


5. Innovative Assistive Technology

         C-Pen 20

         Digital Voice Editor

         Micro Cassette Recorder

         Quicklook: The Ultimate Portable Magnifier

         Quicktionary Reading Pen

         Reliant Auto-Focus CCTV and Mini CCTV

         Sorenson VRS

         Talking Calculators

         Digital/Micro-cassette Recorders

         Brainchild Personal Learning System


6. Adaptive Learning Laboratory

         18 Station Dell Desktop Optiplex Computers with the following loaded software:

         Dragon Naturally Speaking

         Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC)



7. Mobility Shuttle Services