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Department of Workforce Education

Admission Requirements
Curriculum Guide Business Education
Teacher Certification for Business Education Grades 6 – 12
Course Descriptions

Associate Professor/Chairperson
: Dennis, Dawn Holley

Master of Science/Master of Education in Business Education
Major in Business Education

This graduate study program within the Department of Workforce Education leads to a Master of Education or a Master of Science degree in Business Education.  To earn a Master of  Education Degree, must complete thirty-six (36) semester hours of (non-thesis) course work.  To earn a Master of Science Degree, must complete thirty (30)  semester of hours of course work and a successful defense of six (6) semester hours of thesis credit. This program is designed to strengthen the professional development and enhance the competency of individuals interested in working in the field of business education and other related industries. The program does not fulfill the course requirements for teacher certification.

Admission Requirements

An applicant:
1.    Must hold a teacher certification.
2.    Must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
3.    Must  meet all of the requirements of both the  University and  the College of Education.
4.    Must have earned  a  3.0 GPA  during  the last 60 semester credit hours in the undergraduate program or receive a Graduate Records Examination (GRE) Score of 1000 or better.
5.    Must take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) regardless  of G.P.A.

Curriculum Guide
Business Education

Required Foundations Courses  Sem. Hrs.
EDF 5608 Social Foundations of Education3
EDF 5211 Advanced Educational Psychology 3
EDF 5481 Introduction to Educational Research
BTE 5085 Administration and Supervision of Business Education  3
BTE 5171 Business Education Curriculum 3
BTE 5431 Methods of Teaching Skills in Business Education 3
BTE 5446 Measurement, Evaluation, and Classroom Management 3
BTE 5455 Cooperative Business Education 3
BTE 5671 Problems, Issues, and Trends in Content Education 3
BTE 5685 School/Community Relations in Business Education 3
BTE 5900 Readings in Business Education
Electives (Select pme three [3] hour course) 
BTE 5475 Teaching Youth in Business Education w/Special Needs3
BTE 5925 Workshop in Business Education 3
OST 5585 Human Relations in Business
BTE 5971 – Thesis (Required for Master of Science degree)

Teacher Certification
for Business Education
Grades 6 – 12

This certification program is for candidates who hold a bachelor’s  or higher degree who are not already enrolled in a Business  Teacher Education Program and who seek a teacher certification in Business Education  The following requirements may change at anytime in accordance with the Florida Department of Education standards.

Requirements For Teacher Certification

A.    Candidate must have a  bachelor’s or higher degree.
B.    Complete COURSE WORK REQUIREMENTS consisting of 57-63 semester hours as follow:
    I.    Professional Education     (24-30 Semester Hours)

    1.    Foundation Courses 
--  Nine  (9) Semester Hours
        EDF 1005 Introduction  to Education (3) or
        EDF 5608 Soc. Found. of Education (3)
        EDF 2701 Teaching Diverse Populations (3)
        EDF 5211 Advanced Educational Psychology (3) or
        DEP 2004 Human Growth & Development (3)

    2. General Education Methods- Nine (9) Semester Hours
        ESE 3341 Theory & Prac. of Teaching in
         Secondary Schools (3) or
        ESE 5035 Innovative. Sec. School Curriculum (3)
        EDF 3430 Measurement & Evaluation (3) or
        ESE 5415 Evaluation in Sec. Schools (3)
        RED 3333 Teaching Reading in the  Content  (3)

    3.  Special Methods of Teaching the Subject -Six (6) hrs.
        BTE 4410 Method Of Teach. Business  Subj. (3) or
        BTE 5447 Improv. Method Of Teach. Business  Subj. (3)
        TSL 4324 ESOL Survey of Strategies for Learning
         for Secondary Schools (3)

    4.  Practical Experience in Teaching
        a)  Six (6-12) semester hours earned in a college
             student teaching program  *BTE 4945 - Student Teaching  or
        b)  Two years of full-time teaching experience in a public, state supported, or nonpublic secondary school which is operated by a public school district.

    II.  Business Education -    Thirty-three (33) Semester Hours

    1.    Document or Word Processing - Six (6) Semester Hours
        OST 2120 Document Processing II (3)
        OST 5715 Word Processing Techniques (3)

    2.      Accounting - Six (6)  Semester Hours
        ACG 2021 Financial Acct. Principles (3)
        ACG 2071 Managerial Acct. Principles (3)

    3.    Economics - Six (6)  Semester Hours
        ECO 2013 Principles of Economics I (3)
        ECO 2023 Principles of Economics II (3)

    4.    Computer Science - Six (6) Semester Hours
        EME 4400 Computer Applications in Education(3)
        EME 5425 Computer Concepts (3)

    5.    Business English - Three (3) Semester Hours
         OST 5338 Adv Communications  in  Bus. (3)

    6.    Business Law - Three (3) Semester Hours
        BUL 3320 Business Law - Bus. Ed. (3)    or   
        BUL 4411 Legal Environment of Business (3)

    7.    Other Business Courses Six (6)  Semester Hours
        OST 1110 Document Processing I (3)  
        OST 4402 Admin. Support Systems (3)  or
        OST 3639 Integrated Computer Applications (3) or
        OST 4501 Office Management (3)    or
        OST 4811 Desktop Publishing (3)
        OST 4354 Records Management (3)

C.    Student must receive a passing score on the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) and Business Education Subject Area Test.

Course Descriptions

BTE 5075 Facilities, Equipment, and Specifications (3) Facilities, equipment, and specifications for business education program.
BTE 5085 Administration and Supervision of Business Education (4) Administrative and supervisory techniques in the area of organization, selection of personnel, preparation of financial reports, identification of facilities, and provision of inservice training.
BTE 5171 Business Education Curriculum (3) Planning and organizing instructional programs in business education and review of factors influencing the school curriculum.
BTE 5446 Measurement, Evaluation and Classroom Management (3) Determination and construction of appropriate devices for measuring and evaluating student performance. Special emphasis on classroom management.
BTE 5447 Improvement in Methods of Teaching Business Subjects (3) Techniques, materials, and instructional media for teaching all business technology courses.
BTE 5455 Cooperative Business Education (3) An analysis of cooperative business education, including strategies, structure of curriculum patterns, and application of the cooperative plan to business education.
BTE 5671 Problems, Issues, and Trends in Content Subjects (3) Historical information, issues, current trends, and new dimensions in business education.
BTE 5475  Teaching Youth in Content Subjects With Special Needs (3)  This course is designed to lead students to a greater understanding of the educational needs of the disadvantaged youth.  Additionally, this course should help students understand the process of teaching the disadvantaged and economically insecure person how to gain dignity that comes from being self-sufficient.
BTE 5485 Seminar in  Comp. Business Education  (3):
BTE 5685 School and Community Relations for Business Education Programs (4) An approach to identifying, assessing, and analyzing the various publics for the purpose of improving instruction in business education.
BTE 5900 Readings in Business Education (3) Current readings in all areas of business education to supplement student’s program in area of business education.
BTE 5905 Directed Individual Study (1-5) Special out-of-class experiences supervised by department faculty.
BTE 5925 Workshops in Business Education (1-5)This course is designed to provide a “ Master Plan” for development and presentation of successful workshop in business education.
BTE 5971 Thesis (6) An independent investigation of a problem or project in business education.
EDG 5991 National Board Certification Awareness and Readiness  (1) Online course with practical approach to preparation for NBC that focuses on certified teachers who are interested in becoming a National Board candidate.   Uses concepts of the five core proposition.  Students are matched with NBPT mentors to assist them through the process.
EIA 5140 Curriculum Planning in Technology Education (3) This course delves into curricular organization and design of Technology and Workforce Education programs in specific community situations. The goals of this course are to acquaint the graduate student with the basic rules for developing  and implementing an effective curricular structure in techological education settings in accordance with current state and specific community requirements.
EIA 5640 Trends and Issues in Technology Education (3) This course delves into historical and contemporary trends in technological education settings. State and local standards will be explored as they pertain to technology. Further, aspects of appropriate technologies will be explored. The goals of this course are to acquaint the graduate student with an understanding of technological  impacts on societies and diverse cultures. Further, students will explore diverse technologies as they pertain to educational settings, specifically Technology Education. Finally, students will conduct research on a specific technological  trend that has value or is notably adverse with regard to 21st century skills needed for today's workforce.
EIA 5800 Philosophy of Technology Education (3) This course explores the historical and philosophical basis of Technology Education. including its implications on research and curriculum development. The objective of the course is to improve the practicing teacher's understanding and professional competencies in the philosophies underlying present-day practices in technolgy education.
EIA XXXX Instructional Methods in Technology Education (3) This course will allow the student to continue to enhance their teaching methodology through various techniques, materials and instructional media for teaching all Technology Education and related courses.
EIA 5750 Reseach in Technology (3) This course will provide students to review and evaluate published research in Technology Education and related fields. Students will conduct relevant research that may be used in various educational  settings and that can be published.
EIA 5934 Seminar/Workshops in Technology Education (3) This  course is designed to provide a "Master Plan" for development and presentation of successful workshop in Technology Education and related fields.
EVT 5766 Testing and Evaluation in Technology Education (3) This course will explore various assessment techniques and instruments and the significance of tests and measurements in modern programs as they relate to standards within a Technology Education or related field.
EVT XXXX Thesis (6) An independent investigation of a problem or project in Technology Education.
OST 5338 Advanced Communications in Business (3) Techniques of effective business writing, speaking, and listening and techniques of dictating.
OST 5358 Records Management (3) Design and analysis of records system, management of life cycle of records, and retention and maintenance of records.
OST 5365 Programming for Information Management (3) Design, preparation, and maintenance of software for information management systems using the computer. Emphasis is on design of procedures.
OST 5505 Administrative Office Management (3) Study of organization and management of office functions in relation to business enterprise. Course involves coordination of information processing with other services, communication media, analysis and evaluation of office jobs.
OST 5585 Human Relations in Business (3) Techniques of effective relationships among office personnel.
OST 5705 Management Information Systems (3) Emphasis on determination of management information requirements and the design and management of systems to meet those needs.
OST 5715 Word Processing Techniques (3):
OST 5725 Word Processing Applications (3):