School of Allied Health Sciences
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Degree Programs

The School of Allied Health Sciences is organized into five divisions, through which degree programs are offered. The Division of Occupational Therapy offers the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy degree, the Division of Physical Therapy offers the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and the Division of Health Care Management offers degrees at both the master’s and baccalaureate levels. The remaining two divisions, Cardiopulmonary Science, and Health Informatics and Information Management offer degrees at the baccalaureate level. Additionally, the School of Allied Health Sciences offers baccalaureate degrees in health Sciences and in health Sciences with a concentration on occupational and wellness, and pre-physical therapy which allows students to graduate as generalists, prepared to enter the health care work force into certain positions immediately. The health sciences degrees also serve as feeders for the graduate degree programs offered by the School. In addition, the school provides a certificate of completion in Rehabilitation Services Management which is offered through the DIvision of Health Care Management.

Cardiopulmonary Sciences: B.S.
Health Care Management: B.S / Health Administration: MSHA 
Health Informatics and Information Management: B.S.
Health Sciences: B.S.
Occupational Therapy: MSOT
Physical Therapy: DPT

Contact Info

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Lewis-Beck Building Suite 306
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: 850.599.3818
F: 850.561.2457