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Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850.599.3276
Fax  850.561.2551

1601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
300 Lee Hall
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Centers & Institutes

Center for Biological Control
Director:        Dr. Lambert Kanga (lambert.kanga@famu.edu)
Location:       School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
                        308 Perry Paige Building South
Telephone:   850.412.7262
Fax:                850.412.7263

Center for Cyber Security
Director:         Dr. Hongmei Chi (hongmei.chi@famu.edu)
Location:        College of Science and Technology

            Department of Computer and Information Sciences
            308 Banneker Building A
Telephone:    850.412.7355
Fax:    850.599.3221
Website:         http://www.famu.edu/cybercenter

Center for Disability Access and Resources
Director:         Mr. Jovany Felix (CEDAR@famu.edu)
Location:        667 Ardelia Court
Telephone:    850.599.3180
Fax:                 850.561.2513
Center for Environmental Equity and Justice
Director:         Dr. Michael Abazinge (michael.abazinge@famu.edu)
Location:       1515 S. Martin Luther King Boulevard, Suite 305
Telephone:    850.599.3550
Fax:                 850.599.8183

Center for Ethnic Psychological Research and Application
Director:         Dr. Jackie Robinson 
Location:        Gore Education Center
                         501 Orr Drive
Telephone:     (850) 412-7827
Fax:                  (850) 412-7667


Center for Health Equity
Director:           Dr. Michael D. Thompson

Co-Director:     Mr. Earl J. Wade

Location:           New Pharmacy Building, Room 328
                           1415 S. Martin Luther King Boulevard
Telephone:       (850) 599-3171
Fax:                    (850) 599-3347

Center for International Agricultural Trade, Development Research and Training
Director:          Ms. Harriett A. Paul (hapaul585@aol.com)
Location:        School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
                         204 Perry Paige Building South
Telephone:     850.599.8867
Fax:                  850.599.2794

Center for International Law and Justice (CILJ)
Director:         Professor Randall Abate (randall.abate@famu.edu)
Location:        College of Law
                         201 Beggs Avenue
                         Orlando, FL 32801 
Telephone:     407.254.3267
Fax:                  407.254.3214

Center for Plasma Science and Technology (CePaST)
Director:         Dr. Charles Weatherford (charles.weatherford@famu.edu)
Location:        College of Science and Technology, Department of Physics
                         2077 East Paul Dirac Drive
                         Tallahassee, FL 32310
Telephone:     850.599.3470
Fax:                  850.599.3577
Website:          http://www.physics.famu.edu/cepast.php

Center for Viticulture Science and Small Fruit Research
Director:         Dr. Stephen Leong (stephen.leong@famu.edu)
Location:        College of Agriculture and Food Sciences
                         6505 Mahan Drive
                         Tallahassee, FL 32317
Telephone:     850.599.3996
Fax:                  850.561.2617
Website:         http://ucanr.edu/sites/NCPNGrapes/Grape_Centers/Florida_A-M_University/

Center for Water and Air Quality
Director:         Dr. Cassel Gardner (cassel.gardner@famu.edu)
Location:        College of Agriculture and Food Sciences
                         6505 Mahan Drive
                         Tallahassee, FL 32317
Telephone:     850.561.2302
Fax:                  850.561.2966
Website:         http://www.famu.edu/cesta/main/index.cfm/research/center-for-water-and-air-quality/
Environmental Cooperative Sciences Center (ECSC)
Director:         Dr. Michael Abazinge (michael.abazinge@famu.edu)
Location:        1515 S. Martin Luther King Boulevard, Suite 305
Telephone:     850.599.3550
Fax:                  850.599.8183
Website:          http://www.ecsc.famu.edu/
Institute for Building Sciences
Director:         Professor Thomas D. Pugh (thomas.pugh@famu.edu)
Location:        School of Architecture and Engineering Technology
                        1938 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
                         Architecture Building, A-279
Telephone:     850.599.3007
Fax:                  850.599.3436
Website:         http://www.famu.edu/index.cfm?Architecture&ResearchandService

Institute of Public Health
Director:         Dr. Cynthia M. Harris (cynthia.harris2@famu.edu)
Location:        Frederick H. Humphries Science Research Center, Room 207D
Telephone:    850.599.3254
Fax:                 850.599.8830
Website:         http://www.famu.edu/index.cfm?catalog&InstituteofPublicHealth

Institute for Research in Music and Entertainment Industry Studies
Director:         Dr. Kawachi Clemons (kawachi.clemons@famu.edu)
Location:        College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
                         Department of Music
                         206 Foster Tanner Music Building
Telephone:    850.599.8540
Fax:                 850.561.2399
Website:        http://www.famu.edu/index.cfm?DepartmentofMusic&AbouttheInstitute

Juvenile Justice Research Institute
Director:         Dr. Gregory J. Harris (gregory.harris@famu.edu
Location:        1601 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
                         The Commons, Suite 105
Phone:            850.599.3000
Website:         http://www.famu.edu/index.cfm?jjri

Meek-Eaton Southeastern Regional Black Archives Research Center and Museum
Director:         Dr. Nashid Madyun (nashid.madyun@famu.edu)
Location:        445 Meek-Eaton Building
Telephone:    850.599.3020
Fax:                 850.561.2604
Website:         http://www.famu.edu/index.cfm?blackarchives

Small Business Development Center
Director:         Mr. Keith Bowers (keith.bowers@famu.edu)
Location:        2035 East Paul Dirac Drive
                         Innovation Park, Morgan Building
                         Suite 130-140

                         Tallahassee, FL 32310
Telephone:     850.599.3407
Fax:                  850.561.2049
Website:          http://sbdcfamu.org/

Sustainability Institute
             Director:          TBD  (sustainability@famu.edu)
             Location:         501 Orr Drive, Suite 4050            
             Telephone:       (850) 599-8231