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FAMU EIT Receives 1.2 Million Grant Over Five Years

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida A&M University (FAMU) Division of Enterprise Information Technology will receive a $1.2 million grant over a five-year period from CampusEAI.

This grant will cover the costs of hardware, software, project management, installation, training, support and services associated with the implementation and ongoing maintenance of a campus portal.

CampusEAI is a non-profit information technology services and consulting provider.

“In recognition of FAMU’s needs and requirements, the Consortium has extended an unprecedented CampusEAI OnDemand Portal grant to provide the institution with access to the best technology available and ensure the successful deployment of an enterprise portal solution for the campus,” said Anjli Jain, executive director of CampusEAI Consortium.

As a recipient of the grant, FAMU will receive a five-year cumulative total of approximately $1.2 million in CampusEAI myCampus software and services.

The CampusEAI grant will assist FAMU with the establishment of an enterprise portal for the primary purpose of providing better service to all its students, faculty, staff, researchers and other stakeholders of the institution such as, alumni, vendors, prospective students and certain collaborating entities. 

“The implementation of the myCampus enterprise portal fits perfectly into EIT’s vision to deliver innovative IT services and cutting edge technology to the FAMU community,” said Robert Seniors, CIO and VP for Information Technology at FAMU.  “The myCampus portal will allow us to provide a learning environment for the University’s students, faculty and researchers, that enables them to be competitive with other scholars in the historically favored and highly resourced higher education environments.  It is critical to build and maintain the highest quality information technology infrastructure to support the University's mission.”

FAMU will receive the following from the CampusEAI OnDemand Portal grant:

•    QucikLaunch – Single-Sign-On integration to systems such as:

-    PeopleSoft
-    Blackboard
-    Micrososft Exchange (Email)
-    iTunes U

•    ERP Integration – Includes the following integration to PeopleSoft

-    Class Schedule
-    Grades
-    Unofficial transcript
-    Account Summary

•    Targeted Alerts – Notifies users of campus announcements through:
-    Portal
-    E-mail
-    SMS alerts, (text messaging)

•    Web 2.0 Social Networking unclosing:

-    Community and person profile pages
-    Blogs
-    Wikis
-    Friend walls
-    Google Gadgets Integration

•    IPTV – On Demand video player with variety of content including:

-    OSTN campus news from OSTN
-    Associated Press world news

About CampusEAI Consortium Campus Portal Grants
1.    The Grant offering provides in-kind software, project management, installation, support and training services necessary to install and operate a Campus Portal.

2.    The Grant ranges between $250,000 to $1,000,000 in software, hardware, and services, depending on the size and requirements of the institution.

3.    Full and Partial Grants will be awarded.

          - Full Grant: For those institutions that are awarded a Full Grant, CEAI shall underwrite all of the costs of the software, hardware and professional services.

         - Partial Grant: Institutions in receipt of a Partial Grant will be provided the in-kind software, hardware and professional services whereby a majority of the costs shall be underwritten by CEAI and a small percentage of the costs would be borne by the institution to support the initial and ongoing implementation of the Campus Portal.

More information on the Campus Portal Grant is available at

About CampusEAI Consortium's myCampus

myCampus is a software-as-a service (SaaS) portal solution that provides students, faculty and staff with access to their academic and social information all in one place. For more information on myCampus, visit

About CampusEAI Consortium
CampusEAI Consortium is a global not-for-profit information technology services and consulting provider focused on helping its members implement enterprise IT solutions cost-effectively and timely. More than 260 members belong to CEAI, including Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the City of Cleveland, Portland Public Schools, McGill University, AmTrust Bank®, the University of Exeter, the University of Montana, the Hong Kong Institute of Education and the University of Melbourne. For more information, visit

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