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College of Education


The College of Education can be considered the cornerstone college of Florida A&M University; it was the first and only college, department or major within the university at its inception in 1887. The College of Education (COE) currently retains its position of notoriety associated with superior accomplishment and acclaim to this university and within the nation. The COE remains among the top producers of African-American Teachers in the United States.


The primary mission of the college is the production of exemplary professionals to serve in educational institutions who are informed, proactive, competent, and reflective practitioners. The College of Education administers the pre-service and in-service professional education and graduate programs encompassed within five (5) undergraduate and graduate degree granting departments:

1.) Elementary Education

2.) Secondary Education and Foundations

3.) Health, Physical Education and Recreation

4.) Business and Technology Education; and the

5.) Department of Educational Leadership and Human Services

The College of Education in combination with the College of Arts and Sciences, known as the Professional Education Unit (PEU), provide the relevant curriculum for elementary, secondary, and graduate education programs supporting 19 undergraduate degrees and 18 graduate degrees. The COE purposes to: (1) assume leadership for the selection, guidance and professional preparation of teacher educators and practitioners who will serve in elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools, and other related agencies of Florida and the nation; and (2) provide a substantial foundation for advanced study as students choose to extend their educational preparation and pursuits. These purposes will be met through a foundation of general education, a planned sequence in professional education and rigorous graduate programs providing excellent preparation for professional pursuits, graduate study and post-graduate work.


The vision of FAMU’s COE is to become the top producer of African American teachers in the nation and it becomes known as the place that people think of when they consider institutions where people of all races and cultures want to come to and study, learn and research the various issues related to teaching African American students of all age groups, even teachers and school administrators.


Core Values:

Excellence, Caring, Diversity, Critical Thinking, Values, Fiscal Responsibilities, Accountability, and Respect.