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Registrars Office

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850.599.3115
Fax  850.561.2428

Registrars Office
1700 Lee Hall Drive
105 Foote-Hilyer Administration Center
Tallahassee, FL. 32307

For Registration Questions and Permission Numbers Please Contact;

Academic Area Building Room Registration Coordinator Email Address Telephone # 
Allied Health Sciences Lewis - Beck 305 Cheree Wiltsher, Dr.  Cheree.Wiltshire@famu.edu 412-7852
  Lewis - Beck 326 Martha Perryman martha.Perryman@famu.edu 561-2009
  Lewis - Beck 308 Patricia Graham Patricia.Graham@famu.edu 561-2001
  Lewis - Beck 004-B Fran Scott Fran.Scott@famu.edu 412-7851
Agriculture & Food Science Perry-Paige 204 Diane Jones  camellia.jones@famu.edu 599-3888
Architecture & Engr. Technology Architecture 213 Ronald Lumpkin  Ronald.lumpkin@famu.edu 599-3041
Education Gore Education 300 Alice Scruggs Alice.Scruggs@famu.edu 599-3123
Elementary Education Gore Education B-311 Mary Newell Mary.Newell@famu.edu 599-3153
Physical Education Al Lawson Bldg. C-319 Tammy Jones-Robinson  Tammy.Jonesrobinson@famu.edu 412-5957
Physical Education Al Lawson Bldg. 433 Sarah Price Sarah.Price@famu.edu 599-3135
Secondary Education Gore Education C-311 Endya Stewart Endya.Stewart@famu.edu 599-3123
Education Leadership Gore Education C-124 Yolanda Willis-Young yolanda.willisyoung@famu.edu 599-3191
School of the Environment Fred S Humphries 305 Hazel Taylor Hazel.Taylor@famu.edu 599-8193
FAMU/FSU Engineering Engineering Bldg B206 Tom Trimble Trimble@eng.fsu.edu 410-6140
  Engineering Bldg   John Taylor jntaylor@eng.fsu.edu 410-6341
  Engineering Bldg   Frederika Mancigli manciagl@eng.fsu.edu 410-6361
  Engineering Bldg   Subashini Iyer siyer@eng.fsu.edu 410-6565
  Journalism 4003 Cynthia Fields Cynthia.Fields@famu.edu 599-3083
  Journalism 4019 Maurice Odine Maurice.Odine@famu.edu 412-5393
  Journalism   William Jiles William.Jiles@famu.edu 599-3719
Nursing Ware Rhaney 103-B Bruce strouble Bruce.strouble@famu.edu 412-5597
  Ware Rhaney 118 Jaibun Earp Jalibu.Earp@famu.edu 599-33458
  Ware Rhaney   Jamila Paul Jamila.paul@famu.edu 412-6619
  Ware Rhaney 210 Yvette Tellis Yvette.Tellis@famu.edu 412-7067
Pharmacy New Pharmacy Bldg. 359 Anthony Norton Anthony.Norton@famu.edu 599-8616
  Crestview N/A Patricia Lamb Patricia.Lamb@famu.edu 6897919
  New Pharmacy Bldg. 361 Nancy Brown Nancy.Brown@famu.edu 599-3343
  New Pharmacy Bldg. 353 Leshi Wyche Leshi.Wyche@famu.edu 412-7664
School of Business & Industry          
Undergrad/Grad SBI Bldg. 204-E Jacquelyn Scott Jacquelyn,Scott@famu.edu N/A
Science and Technology          
Biology Jones Hall 217 Lakan Latinwo Lakan.Latinwo@famu.edu 561-2742
Biology Jones Hall   Spencer Tyrus Spencer.Tyrus@famu.edu 561-2776
Biology Jones Hall 211 Letina Banks Letina.Banks@famu.edu  561-2742
CIS Benjamin Banneker A 308 Deidre Evans Deidre.Evans@famu.edu 599-3050
CIS Benjamin Banneker A 308 Julia Jones Julia.Jones@famu.edu 412-7352
Chemistry Jones Hall 219 James Bouyer James.Bouyer@famu.edu 599-3638
  University Commons 105 Edna Coefield Edna.Coefield@famu.edu 599-5978
Mathematics Jackson Davis 314 Bessie Jones Bessie.Jones@famu.edu 599-3595
  Jackson Davis 314 Pierre Ngnepieba Pierre.Ngnepieba@famu.edu 599-3595
Physics Jones Hall 111 Sonja Richardson Sonja.Richardson@famu.edu  599-3470
  Jones Hall 111 Mario Encinosa Mario.Encinosa@famu.edu 599-3470
Coordinator for Academic Programs Tucker Hall 214 Annette Washington Annette.Washington@famu.edu 599-3451
Dept. of English and Modern Languages Tucker Hall 446 Nancy Bradley Nancy.Bradley@famu.edu 599-3737
Music Foster-Tanner Music Bldg. 206 Kimberly Taylor Kimberly.Taylor@famu.edu 599-3024
History, Political Science,Geography, &  African-American Studies Tucker Hall 462 Candice Daymond Candice.Daymond@famu.edu 599-3447
Psychology Gore Education 203-B Beatrice Baker Beatrice.Baker@famu.edu 599-3014
Social Work Benjamin Banneker B 300 Penny Malone Penny.Malone@famu.edu 599-3456
Sociology, Criminal Justice Perry Page 403 Dr. Phyllis Gray-Ray Phyllis.grayray@famu.edu 599-3316
Visual Arts, Humanities and  Theatre    Tucker Hall 208 Sylnovia Crowell Sylnovia.Crowell@famu.edu 599-3831
TRIO/CEDAR 667 Ardelia Court   Felix Jovany Felix.Jovany@famu.edu 561-2106
Center for Academic Success Al Lawson Bldg. Arena Demistris Locke Demetris.Locke@famu.edu 599-7994
Tesing Service Bureau (Aleks MATH ASSESSMENT), and C-Prep University Commons 124 Ivy Williams Ivy.Williams@famu.edu 599-3333
Tesing Service Bureau (Aleks MATH ASSESSMENT), and C-Prep Al Lawson Bldg. Arena Kenton Floyd Kenton.Floyd@famu.edu Arena
New Student Orientation University Commons   Andre Green Andre.Green@famu.edu 412-5606
REGISTRAR OFFICE Foote-Hilyer 112 Front Desk registrar@famu.edu 599-3115
State Employee's/Non-Degree Seeking Al Lawson Bldg. Main Area Lottie Brown registrar@famu.edu  
Veteran Affairs/General Assistance Al Lawson Bldg. Main Area Angela Peterson registrar@famu.edu  


Notification for Undergraduate Students

Economic Security Report

Pursuant to section 1001.706(5)(d) of the Florida Statutes regarding the Board of Governors Powers and Duties relating to accountability, “beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year and annually thereafter, the Board of Governors requires Florida A&M University to provide each enrolled student electronic access to the economic security report of employment and earning outcomes prepared by the Department of Economic Opportunity pursuant to s. 445.07 prior to registration. The two documents (Economic Security Report and System Summary Post-Graduation Employment Outcomes) required in 1001.706(5)(d), F.S. are posted on the Board of Governors website at: http://www.flbog.edu/forstudents/planning/.  Please note that these documents will be updated annually.  You may click on the document-links below to review the current reports.

The University Registrar is the official custodian of academic records and the keeper of the university seal at Florida A&M University. The general functions of the university registrar are to assist in planning and executing academic policies and programs; provide for administration of policies and regulations pertaining to the academic status of students; provide for planning and executing orderly registration and graduation of students; develop the academic calendar, semester schedule of classes and final examination schedules; maintain and secure of student records; and provide counseling and certification to students and dependents of veterans receiving veteran benefits.

The specific responsibilities of the office are to collect and maintain academic information; conduct registration for regular degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students and continuing education students; process requests for veteran benefits; process the graduation of degree-seeking students; process change of grades and acceptance of transfer credits; prepare and distribute transcripts; maintain accurate academic, historical, biographical, and directory information; provide information and data for use and review by college deans, planning directors, vice presidents, the President, the Board of Governors, U.S. Department of Education, and other authorized personnel and agencies.