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Meet the Registrar’s Office on Zoom

1.     You can schedule a meeting with a Registrar staff by phone or email.  An appointment can be made immediately or scheduled. You can email the registrar’s office or email individual staff.  Their function and email address can be found at

Please be patient!

2.     You will receive an email listing the time and link for the meeting if you made contact.  Click on  Meeting ID: 928 3660 6381. This is the One-Stop Zoom.  Someone will be here to meet you 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, January 6th  to January 12th  2021

Important:  The security of your information is important

-        To maintain the security of your data, please do not provide your personal information such as SSN or date of birth at the One-Stop Zoom. 

-        When invited to a private chat or zoom, you can then provide your student ID. 

-        Registrar personnel will ensure that you are the student by checking your photo in iRattler and/or obtaining additional information from you.



Update on the Spring 2021 Course Registration Process


Instruction for the Spring 2021 semester will be offered via various delivery modes. These changes are now reflected in the list of course offerings displayed in iRattler.  A majority of courses will be offered in the following modes.


Online - The University’s traditional online courses which are asynchronous (the course does not have mandatory class lectures) or synchronous (the course has optional and/or mandatory lectures at defined class times).


Remote Learning - Classes are taught in primarily synchronous modalities (with a defined class time). Class lectures may be presented on ZOOM or other available platforms. Other class components may require using the Canvas Learning Management System.


Room Location or TBA - Classes with these designations will be taught in-person on campus this Spring. Students will be expected to attend in-person classes on campus in the assigned location and for the duration of the assigned time period.


HYFLEX – These (hybrid) classes give students the option of attending class sessions in-person or remote/online. In-person class seating is limited due to the social distancing capacity of the classroom.  Based on the number of students who desire to attend in-person classes, the instructor will devise an attendance schedule for students who prefer in-person instruction.


Clinical - Classes with this designation will be taught using a combination of in-person and remote-instruction modalities. Students will be required to attend periodic in-person portions of the class during assigned time periods in assigned locations.


Dissertation, Thesis, Field Study, Independent Study, etc. - Please contact the corresponding department for more information regarding the in-person versus remote instruction requirements of these courses.

Frequently Asked Questions


·      If I sign up for a HYFLEX class do I have to attend the class in-person?

    No, you may participate in the class remotely. You will not be required to attend in-person class sessions.

·      I currently have a spring 2021 course schedule. How will the modifications impact my schedule?

     Please login to iRattler to view your schedule.  We do not anticipate any changes to the modalities but the physical location may change for in-person or HYFLEX classes if the class size changes.  For example we might relocate a class to a larger classroom if more students are enrolled more than anticipated.

·      I am not currently registered for any courses for the spring. What should I do?

     You may register for the spring semester at any time; however, students are advised to register as early as possible.

·      What happens if all of my courses are offered in the remote format?

    If you prefer all remote instruction classes, you do not need to do anything further. If you would like in-person classes, you may change your schedule to any available open sections.

·      What happens if all of my courses are offered in the in-person format?

    If you prefer all in-person classes, you do not need to do anything further. If you would like remote instruction classes, you may change your schedule to any available open sections of remote-instructed courses.  Please note that some classes may be offered as HYFLEX in which you may choose to attend either in-person or remotely.

·      What happens if I have a combination of remote and in-person classes?

    You may change your schedule to any available open sections of remote and/or in-person courses.


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