Transfer Manual

Student Transfer Manual

This is a place holder for some text where some descriptions should go indicating the purpose of this online Student Transfer Manual, what one should be able to find on this site, etc.

This is a place holder for some more descriptive text about the transfer applicant process.  It should talk more about some general things that transfer applicants should know, general admissions requirements, and links to other areas that pertain to transfer students.  If this site it to be a "portal" for transfer students, then it should have a lot more information pertaining to the transfer process, so students will know exactly what they would need to do to make a smooth transition from their institution to FAMU.

After this site is complete with all of the relevant information, it should be marketed well so that students know where they can get such information.  In addition to it being placed in the student sections of the website, it should also possibly be refered to in the new recruitment DVD, in pamphlets, etc.

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