Elizabeth Benacquisto Merit Incentive Scholarship


The Elizabeth Benacquisto Scholarship Program is a merit scholarship for Florida high school graduates and thereafter who receive recognition as a National Merit® Scholar. Eligible scholars will receive an award equal to the institutional cost of attendance (COA) minus the sum of Bright Futures and the National Merit® award.  The COA is the total amount of cost to attend Florida A&M University full-time each term, and may include but is not limited to: tuition and fees, on-campus room and board (university meal plan), books, supplies, travel and miscellaneous expenses.

 This program will provide funds for 100 percent of the number of credit hours required to complete a baccalaureate degree program, or until completion of a baccalaureate degree program, whichever comes first.  Students is eligible to receive an award for a maximum of ten (10) semesters.  Awards are not made during the summer term.  Students must maintain enrollment at Florida A&M University where the scholarship was initially funded in order to maintain scholarship eligibility.

 Scholarship Requirements:

• Earn a standard Florida high school diploma or its equivalency (unless the student completes a home education program or earns a high school diploma from a non-Florida high school while living with a parent who is on military or public service assignment away from Florida).

• Be a 2016 National Merit® Finalist.

• Have received: (a) a National Merit® $2500 Scholarship, (b) a Corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship, or (c) a College-sponsored Merit Scholarship. NOTE: “Special” Corporate Scholarships do not qualify students for the Benacquisto Scholarship.

• Be a Florida resident.


Eligibility for renewal is determined at the end of the second semester or the equivalent of each academic year.  For automatic renewal, an award recipient will have:

 • Earned credit for all hours enrolled by the regular drop/add period each term.

• Earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Contact Info

209 C.C. Cunningham Center
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: 850-412-5483