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Transient Student Instructions

A Transient student is a currently enrolled student who registers for course(s) at another institution temporarily.  There are two types of transient students – outgoing and incoming.

Outgoing:  An Outgoing Transient student is a currently enrolled FAMU student who registers for course(s) at another institution for one term with the intention of applying the credit toward his/her degree program.  Transient students must receive approval from their academic advisors before taking a course at any other institution. Completing and submitting an approved transient form, lets the other college or university know that you are a degree-seeking student at FAMU. It also helps you decide, with your adviser, what courses you can take that will be accepted and applied toward your degree program.

Incoming:  An Incoming Transient student is a student currently enrolled at another institution who wishes to register for course(s) at Florida A&M University for one term.  Incoming Transient students should receive approval from their home institution before registering for a course at Florida A&M University.

 Outgoing and Incoming transient students as defined above from any Florida Public Institution (State University System (SUS) and Florida College System (FCS)) can begin their request for approval online at www.flvc.org (Florida Virtual Campus site) for all Florida Public Institutions.  If you are applying to attend a non-Florida Public or Private institution, please click here for a form.

To complete your Transient Student Admission Application


-           See your advisor prior to submitting your application through the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) Website.

-          Be in good standing at FAMU (overall GPA at least 2.00; no Judicial Hold or outstanding Financial Obligation)

-          Be enrolled in a degree program and eligible to re-enroll.

-          Have a Student Health form on file indicating the required Measles and Rubella immunities.

-          Know your residency classification (Florida, Non-Florida, Resident Alien, or Documented Alien)

-          Know the prefix, course number, hours, course title, and FAMU course equivalent when selecting a course to take from another institution.


1.   From your browser access the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) Website at www.flvc.org

2.   Select Student Services, College Transfer Center, Transient Student Admission Application

3.   Click on the ‘log-in’ link to create an account or log in

4.   Select your home Institution and enter your Student ID (or SS# if requested)

5.   Select "New Application"

6.   Select your College or School (Example: College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities)

7.   Select your Major (Example English, Psychology).

8.   Select your classification (freshmen, sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate, and Professional). Note: Classification is based on earned hours for undergraduate students.  (Example: 0-29 freshmen, 30-59 sophomores, 60-89 Junior, 90-120 Senior.)

9.   If you have never submitted an application before, you will be prompted to input data into a new application. If you have submitted one before, your previously-submitted applications will be listed on the left side. To create a new application, click “New Application.” Your personal information (name, address, etc.) will auto-populate the application.

10. Complete all fields with an asterisk ( * )

11.  Include a valid email address to receive notifications when an advisor signs your application and when the application process is complete

12.  Choose the Host Institution where you will attend as a transient student (Example: Daytona Beach State College)

13. Choose the Term and Year you will attend

14. Refer to the Host Institution course catalog for Prefix, Number, Hours, and Course Title

15.  Select “Use of the Course.” This may be overridden by your Advisor.

16.  Check for accuracy and make changes where appropriate before submitting the application

17.  Click “Send” one time only. It may take up to 30 seconds to complete processing.

18.  A completed transient student form on the FLVC site is automatically routed to your adviser, Department Chairperson, Dean, and to the Office of the University Registrar.  Please allow 3-7 business days for processing.

19.  After your request has been approved, contact the other institution to complete the registration process for the course(s) you plan to take as a transient student.

To check the status of the Transient Student Admission Application

1.      From your browser access the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) Website at www.flvc.org

2.      Select Student Services, College Transfer Center, Transient Student Admission Application

3.      Click “Continue”

4.      Log in with your FLVC ID and password

5.      Log in to your home institution Select institution and enter your Institution login ID and PIN/Password

6.      Click “Continue”