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Take a moment to read the Living Well 101 columns once they have been published in newspapers. Years: 2013 / 2012
How to Improve A Child's
Academic Performance

By Patricia Green-Powell, Ph.D.

The importance of parents and family members supporting students' efforts in school is well documented. Research shows a positive connection between parental involvement and student involvement. The earlier in a child's education parent involvement begins, the more powerful the effects. Children have two key educators in their lives...Read more

Writing in the Digital Age
By Benjamin A. Davis

The world will very soon be composed of a billion media barons thanks to digital technology and mobile devices. As a result, people will be communicating information in whatever styles and formats that best suit them. But what is always suitable to the writer may not be the best way of communicating to the reader. The Digital Media Pyramid offers a standard approach to Internet writing...Read more

Mentoring Works for Black Males
By Edward Tolliver, Ph.D.

No adult should shy away from mentoring "at risk" youth, especialy African-American males. Through the years, little has been done to erase the enormous gap that separates black males from the American mainstream. As markets and social conditions shift in the global economy, so does the competitive nature of those in it. Unfortunately, the greatest loser in the struggle is the black male and the odds are stacked against his chance at...Read more

Colon Cancer Screenings:
Tests that Save Lives

By Angela Singh, PharmD

Some of us have heard the dramatized stories men have told about going to the doctor for a colonoscopy at age 50. The whining and complaining is almost humorous to watch as they squirm while sharing tales of making it through such a close encounter. In reality, however, a moment of discomfort is not that funny if it means saving a life. Colorectal or colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths among men and women...Read article

Drugs in Our Drinking Water? 
By Zakiya Hoyett, Ph.D.  and  Michael Abazinge, Ph.D.

Antibiotics, analgesics (pain killers), lipid regulators and antidepressants are commonly found inside of home medicine cabinets. Until recently, few would think to examine the presence of these drugs in our drinking water. Yet, these pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) are among a variety of organic chemicals that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency now refers to as...
Read article


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7 Remedies for Protecting Your Heart and Lungs from Tobacco Smoke
By Dr. Mary Simmons

Typically, the harmful effects of tobacco smoke are associated with diseases and conditions that affect the lungs. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) for example, causes shortness of breath when performing everyday activities due to airway blockages. COPD is the leading cause of death in the United States; and 90 percent of these deaths are caused by...Read article

 Department of Educational Leadership & Human Services
Parents: A Child's First Guidance Counselors for College Admission
By Elizabeth Davenport, Ph.D.

The responsibility for providing students with the necessary information and resources to prepare for college has traditionally fallen to high school counselors. Proper academic counseling allows students to make well-informed decisions about how to effectively prepare for and choose a college. However, given the budgetary cuts to K-12 education in Florida and across the country, access to counselors may be limited...Read article
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Department of English & Modern Languages
Better Relationships Through
Better Listening

By Chandra Clark

Communication is broadly defined as using verbal and nonverbal to generate meaning. We are always communicating--consciously or not--whether with other via language, clothing, hairstyle, body language or a constant stream-of-consciousness (our thoughts). In fact, there are many way to conceptualize communication, be it through computer-mediated modes (texts, tweets, emails, blogs,etc.)...Read article
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Big Steps for Starting a Small Business
By LaTayna White, MBA

For the budding entrepreneur who maade a resolution to start a business in the New Year, there are literally 100 things to consider before taking a risk in the marketplace. Here are a few tips to get you started that will address the most pivitol steps needed for sucess in every industry. First, self-evaluation is key. Are you passionate about...Read article
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Department of Psychology
How to Identify and Reduce
Mental Health Disparities
By Huijun Li, Ph.D
Great effort has been made in the last decade to reduce health disparities in the United States. This includes the most recent "Healthy People 2020" initiative by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services "to achieve health equity, eliminate disparities and improve the health of all groups." In order to accomplish this overarching goal as it pertains to mental health, greater attention must be given toward eliminating obstacles to...Read column.

School of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
Democrats and Republicans:
Understanding Political Party Philosophy

By Michael LaBossiere, Ph.D

Election Day is almost here and every U.S. citizen must reflect on the similarities and differences between each presidential candidate before casting a vote. This requires more than a quick scan of party platforms. Instead, a deeper focus on the philosophy behind Democratic and Republican party rhetoric will help the average citizen make a more informed decision on Nov. 6. While many believe philosophy has little impact outside of academics, the campaign trail has shown the importance of really knowing the core philosophical values that guide each candidate and will ultimately determine America’s fate for...Read column.

School of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
The Future of Democracy in the Middle East
By Christopher Daniels, Ph.D.

The recent storming of the United States embassies in Egypt and Libya and the killing of United States diplomats have left many shocked and searching for answers. What is the underlying reason for hostility toward the United States that provokes such extreme acts of violence?  To date, the debate surrounding these tragic events has mainly been centered on the production of a controversial film by Nakoula Nakoula, which depicted the prophet Mohammed in a negative light and insulted the religion of Islam.  This film...Read column.

Office of Counseling Services
Returning to Work:
How to Cope with Change

By Yolanda Bogan, Ph.D.

Returning to the workforce after being laid off or fired can be intimidating. Few job seekers think about the best way to cope with the change a new job brings after spending months or years unemployed. Once hired, after endless searches of online job postings and reading countless rejection letters, self-confidence in knowledge, skills, and abilities may have dwindled. Like the five-year old child who is afraid of the Boogie Man and thereby refuses to search under the bed or in the closet, some adults deal with job performance anxiety through...Read column.

Division of Occupational Therapy
Fall Prevention Tips:
Older Adults, Families, and Caregivers

By Debora Oliviera, Ph.D.

Unintentional falls are the number one cause of fatal injury and hospitalization of adults aged 65 and older in the United States and Florida. According to the Center for Disease Control, one out of three people in this age group fall each year, costing $30 billion per year in medical costs. In Florida, the Department of Health reports fatal injuries caused by falling among adults age 65 and older is higher than deaths caused by motor vehicle traffic crashes, poisoning, or...Read column.
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College of Law     
Estate Planning for Family Caregivers:
What You Don't Know May Hurt You

By Phyllis Smith, J.D., LL.M.

Family caregivers are doing their loved ones (and themselves) a great disservice by not using available legal resources to make appropriate decisions regarding the safety, health and finances of those they look after. Most people have aspirations of wealth building and preservation. Few understand what it takes to ensure lasting financial health and wealth that will secure a legacy. That is why the most crucial step any caregiver can take is...Read column.

 FAMU Community Health Alliance
Infant Mortality:
How to Combat Premature Deaths

By Yvonne Nelson-Langley, MSW

Celebrating a baby’s birth should be a joyous and momentous time for a family.  Unfortunately, the celebration ends too soon when a baby does not live to see his or her first birthday.  Infant mortality is the number of infants who die during their first year of life and is measured by the number of deaths per 1,000 live births.  The Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is an important measure of the general health and well-being of infants, children, and pregnant women. It is associated with several factors including...Read column
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FAMU Essential Theatre
Proper Etiquette for Cultural Events:
The Do's and Dont's

By Valencia Matthews, Ph.D.

Patrons and attendees alike often wonder, “What is the role of the audience at a live performance?” and are at a loss to find clear answers.  First and foremost, it is essential to understand that live cultural performances depend upon the audience’s synergy with the performers.   The audience is in fact a part of the performance.  One does not exist without the other.  Therefore, it is important for audiences to understand their role in setting and enforcing the proper standard for appropriate etiquette when attending live cultural performances...Read column.
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Department of
Social Work 
Bullying: A Quality of Life Issue
By Merlin R. Langley, Ph.D.

Concerns about bullying and its role in school violence, depression, and health have grown in the past decade. Bullying is different from the routine conflicts of childhood. It is intentional behavior meant to hurt and dominate another person. Internationally, the prevalence of bullying in elementary schools range from...Read column.

Fine Arts Gallery
How to Start an Extensive Art Collection
By Aja Roache

Art collecting is a profitable practice that few people embrace.  Huge art and artifact collections like that of Bernard and Shirley Kinsey are filled with original works by key figures in the legacy of African-American culture. Quite literally, the Kinsey’s are the stewards of numerous important African-American works of art and artifacts.  Though the bevy of artists in their collection is atypical, it is a testament to the importance of keeping your mind and your pocket open to art. Read column.
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Center of Viticultural Sciences and
Small Fruit
Grapes & Wine: Good Medicine
By Violeta Tsolova, Ph.D.

For many, the clock countdown to the New Year is a reminder to stay resolute toward achieving personal health and fitness goals. In fact, the holistic approach to medicine and dieting that began in 1970s has received renewed emphasis in the millenium. We are just starting to rediscover that certain foods, due the presence of specific...Read column.
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