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Office of Communications
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 Business Faculty Experts
Management, Marketing

Dr. Shawnta Friday-Stroud

Dean of the School and Business Industry
Florida A&M University
School of Business and Industry
Sybil C. Mobley Complex
500 Gamble Street
Tallahassee, FL  32307
(850) 599 - 3565

Area of Expertise: Strategic management; organizational behavior; management diversity issues

Friday-Stroud has consulting experience in the areas of strategic planning, leadership training, diversity course development and training, employee attitudinal assessments, workload analysis, strategic market assessment, team building, computer training, conflict resolution and management, and employee-management relations liaison to name a few.
Friday-Stroud is a former McKnight Doctoral Fellow and a former McKnight Junior Faculty Development Fellow. 

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  • Campbell, A.M., Harper, V.J., & Friday-Stroud, S.S. (2008). Business Students’ Listening Skills: Do They Sense More, Process More, or Respond More? International Journal of Education Research, 3, 2, 112-119.
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  • Sutterfield, J.S., Friday-Stroud, S.S., Shivers-Blackwell, S.L. (2006). A case study of project and stakeholder management failures: Lessons Learned. Project Management Journal, 37, 5, 26-35.

Dr. Roscoe Hightower, Jr.
Professor of Marketing
School of Business and Industry
Florida A&M University
500 Gamble Street
Tallahassee, FL  32307
(850) 599-8335

Area of expertise: Marketing; services marketing; sports marketing; value; transportation; physical environment also known as the “Servicescape”

Dr. Hightower received his doctor of philosophy in marketing from Florida State University and a MBA and bachelor of science degree from FAMU.

  • Hightower, Jr., Roscoe (2010),“Commentary on Conceptualizing the Servicescape Construct in ‘A Study of the Service Encounter in Eight Countries’,” the Marketing Management Journal, 20(1), 76-86.
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