New Student Orientation
 Welcome to Transfer Student Orientation Registration 



Virtual Orientation Sessions

Session I - Summer B Transfer Student Orientation – May 21, 2020

Session II - Summer B Transfer Student Orientation – May 28, 2020

Session III - Summer B Transfer Student Orientation – June 4, 2020

Session IV - Fall Transfer Student Orientation – June 23, 2020

Session V – Fall Transfer Student Orientation – July 14, 2020

Session VI – Fall Transfer Student Orientation – July 21, 2020

In-Person Orientation Session Option

Session VII – Fall Transfer Student Orientation – August 14, 2020


Please read all instructions before attempting to register.

Length of Orientation

·         The Virtual Transfer Student Orientation Program lasts one hour and thirty minutes (1 ½).

·         The In-Person Transfer Student Orientation Program lasts one (1) day.

·         Students must attend at least one (1) orientation session virtual or in-person.


Who Should Attend

·         All admitted transfer students. In order to be classified as a Junior an individual must have earned 60 credit hours or more. 



A one-time mandatory orientation fee of $35.00 is charged to every freshman and transfer student during the first semester of enrollment. This charge will appear on the student’s account after he/she has registered for classes and must be paid with tuition. Please DO NOT mail this payment or include it into the Housing/Admissions deposit. The mandatory orientation fee will automatically be withdrawn from the students account during his or her first semester. Since orientation is only one (1) day, housing is NOT provided during Transfer Student Orientation.



Orientation Registration Instructions

·         Please have your 9 digit student ID# before attempting to complete Orientation registration.

·         You are not registered until you hit the submit button.

·         Once you have registered, you will immediately receive a confirmation email that will include the virtual login information.

·         Please be aware that our emails sometimes are placed in bulk, spam, or junk email boxes. Please check those as well. 


To register for Orientation click the following link:

Contact Info

444 Gamble Street
Suite 216
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: (850) 599-3869