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Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
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Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling
501 Orr Drive
GEC-C Suite 314
Tallahassee, Florida 32307
PhD Program Curriculum

The Ph. D. program in Educational Leadership is an intensive learning experience. The curriculum is organized around the premise that effective leadership requires an understanding of multiple human contexts and the ability to utilize technical competence and administrative skills, combined with personal understanding and commitment.
  • Applicants must possess a Master’s degree in an educationally related area from an accredited college or university to be considered for admission into the Ph. D. in Educational Leadership program. Individuals selected for the Ph. D. program are members of a cohort and enroll in the same courses each semester. The program faculty determines the specific courses for each cohort from an approved course list. In each course candidates are encouraged to focus on problem-centered learning experiences and critical thinking in their specific areas of interest.
  • Program completion requires a minimum of 69 credit hours (54 course work and 15 dissertation). The total number of credit hours varies according to candidate progression. Candidates are full-time and enroll for 9 hours each semester including summers, for six semesters. Course content focuses on inter and intra personal development, communications, social foundations, statistics, research methods, organizational theory, leadership, critical thinking, writing, and technology applications in research and leadership.
Common Professional Core
EDA 6216 Leadership and Communications
EDA 6271 Computers and Leadership
EDA 6276 Research/Data Analysis Edn Managers
EDA 6278 Self & Interpersonal Contexts in Teaching
EDA 6421 Advanced Research Methods

Educational Leadership Core

EDA 6061 Effective School Organizations
EDA 6064 Org. Behavior in Educational Settings
EDA 6191 Race, Class, and Gender: Policy Issues in Leadership
EDA 6215 School and Community Relations
EDA 7062 Diagnosing/Creating Effective Org.
EDA 7220 Personnel Issues in Adult Ed Enterprises
EDA 7224 Org Development and Human Res
EDA 7233 Legal Issues in Educational Policy
EDA 7280 Curriculum and Public Policy
EDA 7405 Quantitative Research I
EDA 7406 Quantitative Research II
EDA 7415 Qualitative Research Methods

Specialty Core

EDF 6074 Comparative Leadership Issues
EDA 6215 School and Community Relations
EDA 6240 School Finance and Public Policy
EDA 6260 Facilities and Other Auxiliary Services
EDA 6289 Politics and Policy Making
EDH 6635 Overview of Higher Education
EDA 7220 Employment Iss in Agencies/Institutions
EDA 7307 Curriculum, Instruction and Distance Learning in Higher Education
EDA 7423 Applying Research techniques to Projects
EDA 7905 Directed Independent Study
EDA 7930 Special Topics in Leadership
EDA 7935 Seminar: Research Proposal
EDA 7967 Comprehensive Examination (3rd fall semester)
EDA 7980 Dissertation (1-6 hours)