Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Minor Requirements


Minors in criminal justice are required to complete eighteen (18) credit hours of course work [15 hours must be satisfied at the 3000 level or above]. The following courses may not be used to satisfy the minor: CCJ 3718 Statistics in Criminal Justice, CCJ 4700 Research Methods in Criminal Justice, CCJ 4934 Seminar in Criminal Justice or CCJ 4947 Field Experience in Criminal Justice (Internship).

Criminal Justice Minor Required Courses

CCJ 2010 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3) required

Criminal Justice Minor Electives

CCJ 3117 Theories of Criminal Behavior
CCJ 3129 Multicultural Perspectives Adolescence and Adolescent Development
CCJ 3621 Patterns of Criminal Behavior
CCJ 3934 Junior Seminar Criminal Justice
CCJ 4031 Cases in Corrections
CCJ 4360 Contemporary Issues in Corrections
CCJ 4662 Race, Class and Justice
CCJ 4670 Women and Crime
CCJ 4703 Qualitative Field Research Methods
CCJ 4905 Directed Independent Study
CCJ 4930 Special Topics: Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement
CCJ 4932 Contemporary Judicial Issues
CCJ 4933 Special Topics: Juvenile Law
CCJ 4935 Special Topics: Law and Social Control
CCJ 4936 Special Topics: American Criminal Procedures
CCJ 4937 Special Topics: Patterns of Criminal Behavior
CCJ 4938 Special Topics: Environmental Law and Crime
CCJ 4939 Special Topics: Qualitative Field Research Methods
CJC 4164 Community Corrections
CJE 4065 Police and Society
CJJ 3010 Juvenile Delinquency
CJJ 3544 Youth Management, Community Organization, and Advocacy
CJJ 3545 Social Problems of Youth
CJL 3510 American Court System
CJL 4012 Penology
CJL 4050 Juvenile Law
CJL 4064 American Criminal Law
CJL 4065 American Criminal Procedure
CJL 4565 Law & Social Control

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