Department of Physics

Charles A. Weatherford, Ph.D.

Interim Associate Vice President for Research and Professor of Physics

Director of the NSF-CREST Center for Astrophysical
Science and Technology and the FAMU
Center for Plasma Science and Technology (CePaST)
103 Centennial Bldg CePaST
2077 E. Paul Dirac Drive
Tel.: (850) 599-3767; (850) 599-3470

Ph.D. Physics - Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, 1974

•    Theoretical and computational studies in:
o    simulation of laser-plasma interactions;
o    quantum control and genetic algorithms;
o    electron molecule, photon molecule interactions;
o    bound states of molecules;
o    computation of material properties for nano-sensors;
o    energy storage and photonics;
o    quantum information.

Selected Publications:
•    C.A. Weatherford, E. Red, and A. Wynn, “Solution of the time-dependent Schroedinger equation
     using a basis in time,” Journal of Molecular Structure (Theochem) 592, 47-51 (2002).

•    C.A. Weatherford, E. Red, and P. Hoggan, “Solution of Poisson’s Equation Using Spectral
     Forms,” Molecular Physics 103, 2169-2172 (2005).

•    Genzo Tanaka and C.A. Weatherford, “Decomposition Pathways of Dintrotoluene”,
     International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 108, 2924-2934 (2008).

•    D.H. Gebremedhin, C.A. Weatherford, X. Zhang, A. Wynn III, and G. Tanaka,
     “Evaluation of the matrix exponential function using finite elements in time,”
      arXiv:0811.2612v1 [math-ph] 17 Nov 2008.

•    G. L. Gutsev, K. G. Belay, C. A. Weatherford, V. N. Vasilets, E. M. Anokhin, A. V. Maksimychev,
      V. M. Martynenko, S. A. Baskakov, A. N. Trukhanenok, E. S. Leskova, and Y. M. Shulga,
     “Dimerization of defect fullerenes and peculiarities of the orientational phase transition
      in oxidized C60 fullerite”, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 10, 1-10 (2010).

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Tallahassee, FL 32307

P: (850)599-3470
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