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Office of Counseling Services
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What is an "advance"? An advance is a training workshop where all allies learn about homophobia, heterosexism, issues affecting the LGBTQ community, and the benefits and responsibilities of being an ally. Everyone is welcome to come to the Advance training.  Becoming an ally is optional, not required. Every Ally will have signed an Allies Contract  before receiving a placard. For more information about upcoming Advances or the Allies program, please e-mail Yolanda.Bogan@famu.edu or call her at 850-599-3145.

Upcoming Training


Topics Covered

How heterosexism and homophobia hurts all of us. Any "ism" assumes that one way of being is better than another based on what a society values. A heterosexist society narrows all people's choices on what is appropriate and acceptable behavior and can be limiting to any person's identity and gender role development.

Being An Ally
Being an ally does not mean that you: are GLBTQ; know everything about sexual politics; have to be a counselor. Being an Ally means that you are willing to listen and understand basic critical information about sexuality and that you are willing and committed to learn more. Allies listen with openness and a willingness to learn, and strive toward more justice for all people on campus.

You will learn about different aspects of how sexuality and sexual identity influences people (including yourself). Sexuality and sexual identity shapes our lives and greatly influences how we view and are viewed by the world.
There is absolutely no pressure to agree with anybody, nor is there pressure to do anything in particular (except to express general respect and an openness to learn). The UCF Allies Program is not a sales pitch; it is an educational opportunity to effectively support LGBTQ people and to be a small part of the solution to the problems and damaging effects of heterosexism. Questions are encouraged; there are no tests. Panelists are willing to answer personal questions about coming-out experiences, difficulties and challenges of being LGBTQ, and the joys and advantages of being LGBTQ.

Aims of Training
The Allies program educates all who are interested in learning more about issues of sexuality and the concerns of LGBTQ people on campus. It accomplishes this goal by inviting everyone who cares to support LGBTQ students, staff, and faculty. Allies is about alliances and solidarity.
Allies teaches people to draw on shared insights and understanding and to realize that all people on campus deserve to pursue their lives, work, and education with openness and integrity. It is therefore an important part of FAMU’s commitment to foster diversity, inclusiveness, and mature communication within and across differences.