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Business and Technology Education

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Business and Technology Education
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Administrative and Fiscal Training

The Division of Administrative & Financial Services (DAFS) Training Program is a creative new initiative designed to foster and enhance efficiency in transacting the University’s financial business processes by providing opportunities for professional growth and development for all DAFS employees. The DAFS Training Program provides results-based learning and performance outcomes to successfully transform Human Performance Improvement and Learning Initiatives to acceptable standards as recognized by the American Society for Training and Development.   The program focuses on improving performance by providing opportunities to increase individual knowledge and skills and organizational performance in relation to organizational goals.

The program has seven essential career learning and development objectives:

Ø Developing new skill sets;

Ø Improving staff performance;

Ø Learning and performing in today’s workplace;

Ø Adding value to advance goals;

Ø Succeeding one step at a time;

Ø Talent acquisition

Ø Developing a learning process;

Ø Standardizing operations.
The curricula for the program were developed based upon the seven essential career learning and development objectives which promote adherence to the Guiding Principles for Fiscal Affairs approved by the FAMU Board of Trustees. Program courses and activities are designed to present effective strategies for achieving optimal performance in areas of fiscal responsibility. Each Division employee will have the opportunity to obtain a Florida A&M University Fiscal Affairs Professional Development Certificate to document successful completion the program.
The program consists of seventeen (18) core curriculum courses; seven (7) information technology courses and seven (7) workplace environment courses.  Most courses are instructor-led and require classroom attendance; but, a select few are offered via e-learning.  Core curriculum courses for the program include the following:
Ø Basic Accounting
Ø Best Practices in Accounts Payable
Ø Budgeting and Commitment Control
Ø Business Writing
Ø Charts of Accounts
Ø Documenting Fiscal Policies and Procedures
Ø Document Management and Retention
Ø Ethics/Conflict of Interest
Ø eProcurement Business Processes
Ø Fiscal Reporting
Ø General Ledger
Ø Invoice Resolution Workshop
Ø Managing Financial Expenditures
Ø Risk Management
Ø Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002
Ø Understanding Financial Statements
Ø Strategic Planning
Ø Travel and Expenses Business Processes
Information Technology Courses include:
Ø Financial Management Business Processes
Ø Student Administration Business Processes
Ø Human Resources Business Processes
Ø Microsoft Suite:
o    Microsoft Access
o    Microsoft Excel
o    Microsoft PowerPoint
o    Microsoft Word
Workplace Environment Courses include:
Ø Change Management
Ø Communication Skills
Ø Customer Service Skills
Ø Telephone Etiquette Skills
Ø Management Skills for Supervisors
Ø Sexual Harassment/Protective Class
Ø Stress Management