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Board of Trustees

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850-599-3225
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Board of Trustees
1601 S. Martin Luther King Blvd.
400 Lee Hall
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Board of Trustees Policies

 Policy #Policy TitleDepartmentDate Passed
 2005-01Elimination of Direct Payment to Persons/VendorsBudget & Finance2/25/2005
 2005-02Financial Budget Administration PolicyBudget & Finance2/25/2005
 2005-03Employment of Related PersonsBudget & Finance2/25/2005
 2005-04Electronic Transfer of FundsBudget & Finance2/25/2005
 2005-05Preparation and Submission of BudgetBudget & Finance12/3/2009
 2005-06Change Orders for Construction ContractFacilities Planning6/30/2005
 2005-07Campus Master Plan HearingsFacilities Planning6/30/2005
 2005-07AProfessional Consultants Selection Process for Construction ProjectsFacilities Planning6/30/2005
 2005-08Sponsored Grants and Contracts PolicyAcademic Affairs6/30/2005
 2005-09Principal Investigator EligibilityAcademic Affairs6/30/2005
 2005-10Cost Policy_Direct and Indirect Costs
(Facilities and Administrative Costs)
Academic Affairs6/30/2005
 2005-11Cost Sharing for Sponsored AgreementsFiscal Affairs6/30/2005
 2005-12Effort Reporting PolicyAcademic Affairs6/30/2005
 2005-13Cost Transfer PolicyFiscal Affairs6/30/2005
 2005-14Financial Conflict of Interest Governing ResearchAcademic Affairs6/7/2012
 2005-15Separation and Return of Academic Administrators to FacultyAcademic Affairs6/30/2005
 2005-16Audit of University Athletics FinancesBudget & Finance10/6/2005
 2005-17Intercollegiate Athletics PolicyBudget & Finance10/6/2005
 2005-18University Athletics Boosters PolicyBudget & Finance10/6/2005
 2005-19University PayrollBudget & Finance10/6/2005
 2005-20Additional EmploymentBudget & Finance10/6/2005
 2005-21Leave of Absence Without PayAcademic Affairs10/6/2005
 2005-22Tuition Reimbursement PolicyBudget & Finance10/6/2005
 2005-23Benefits and LeavesBudget & Finance10/6/2005
 2005-24Media PolicyDSO12//1/2005
 2006-01Policy on Fundraising CampaignsBudget & Finance6/29/2006
 2006-02Debt ManagementBudget & Finance6/29/2006
 2006-02Debt Management (Revised)Budget & Finance12/16/10
 2006-03Guiding Principles for Fiscal Affairs 12/7/2006
 2006-04Purchasing Cards 12/7/2006
 2006-05Motor Pool and Vehicle Use Policy 9/23/2010
 2007-01Student Fee WaiverBudget & Finance5/24/2007
 2007-02Telecommunications Policy (Cell Phone)Budget & Finance5/24/2007
 2008-01University Communication and Media PolicyDSO2/11/2008
 2008-02FAMU Assessment Policy Academic Affairs6/12/2008
 2008-03Write off of Missing and Stolen PropertyBudget & Finance6/12/2008
 2008-04DIrect Payment to Persons/Vendors Budget & Finance6/12/2008
 2008-05Naming Opportunties PolicyBudget & Finance 6/12/2008
 2008-06Faculty Credentialing PolicyAcademic Affairs8/11/2008
 2008-07Student Fingerprinting Screening PolicyAcademic Affairs 8/11/2008 
 2008-08Administration Review and Approval Participant Support CostsAcademic Affairs 8/11/2008 
 2008-09Animal Welfare Academic Affairs 8/11/2008 
 2008-10Consultant Services Academic Affairs 8/11/2008 
 2008-11Expenditure Review of Non-Payroll Charges Academic Affairs 8/11/2008 
 2008-12Institutional Review BoardAcademic Affairs 8/11/2008 
 2008-13Payroll Charges Academic Affairs 8/11/2008 
 2008-14Subrecipient Procurement Management and MonitoringAcademic Affairs8/11/2008
2009-01Identity Theft Prevention Policy and ProceduresBudget & Finance5/4/2009
2009-02Authority of the President to Write off  
2013-01University Energy PolicyFacilities Planning 4/11/2013
2013-02Construction Procedures ManualsFacilities Planning6/6/2013
2014-01Export Control PolicyResearch9/11/2014