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Office of University Assessment

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Office of University Assessment
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SBI Modular 96, Florida A and M University
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Organizational Structure for FAMU Assessment Activities and Committees Responsibilities

Organizational Structure for FAMU Assessment Activities

Institutional Assessment Committees

Institutional Level Assessment Committee (ILAC)

General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC)

College/School/Program/Divisional Level Assessment Committee (CLAC/SLAC/PLAC/DLAC)

Institutional Level Assessment Committee (ILAC)

The Institutional Level Assessment Committee (ILAC) was formed to provide leadership in the implementation of the university’s assessment system. The ILAC committee spearheads the development and monitoring of the implementation of FAMU’s assessment processes. Below are specific roles and responsibilities of ILAC

Specific Roles and Responsibilities of ILAC include:

Providing leadership for the development and implementing of campus-wide institutional assessment strategies.

Establishing and monitoring the annual assessment calendar

Reviewing submitted assessment reports against plans submitted by instructional programs, administrative and educational support services and recommending revisions as appropriate.

Recommending the development, acquisition and use of attitudinal and other types of surveys/questionnaires as institutional assessment instruments.

Verifying that assessment results have been used for programmatic or service improvements (“closing the loop”)

Assessing the institutional assessment practices and making recommendations to the administration (Provost, President and BOT) for strengthening the assessment of teaching and learning processes

Recommending channels and the types of information that can be routinely communicated campus-wide and to the external constituencies/stakeholders

Major Accomplishments of the ILAC

Since its inception in early fall 2004, this university wide committee has made great strides in the following areas:

Development of institutional assessment philosophy statement

Approval of General Education mission and expected learning outcomes

Revision of existing FAMU Exit Survey

Development of Academic Learning Compacts (ALC) policies and procedures

Development of an institutional assessment plan.

General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC)

The University recognizes that a liberal arts foundation is essential to supporting the process of learning in the respective program majors. For this reason, in August 2004, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs appointed members to the newly formed General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC). This committee’s major charge is to provide oversight and leadership for the design, development and implementation of a systematic general education assessment plan for the university.

The GEAC is comprised of representatives from the following programs and areas: Arts and Sciences (Biology, English, Math, and Philosophy), Business, Journalism, Nursing, Pharmacy, two undergraduate students and two Faculty Senate members.

Specific roles and responsibilities of GEAC include:

Establishing and streamlining a systematic process for the assessment of the general education program

Identifying college-level knowledge and competencies for the general education program that are linked to FAMU's mission and goals and Florida State accountability systems

Developing an assessment plan for general education program

Monitoring the implementation of the planned general education assessment activities

Recommending appropriate assessment strategies to the Institutional Level Assessment Committee

Providing documentation about the results of State mandated assessments of core specific skills and abilities. Specifically, providing evidence that FAMU graduates have attained the expected core knowledge and competencies

Furnishing the Institutional Level Assessment Committee with the results of general education assessments

Documenting evidence that the assessment results have been used for the improvement of the general education program.

Recommending strategies for strengthening the outcomes of the general education program

Major Accomplishments of the GEAC

This important committee has demonstrated commitment in accomplishing the following notable tasks.

A. Articulation of General Education Assessment Mission Statement

The Committee, in collaboration with the faculty, developed a mission statement and expected core learning outcomes for general education. This mission statement and the core outcomes were presented to the Institutional Level Assessment Committee, which reviewed and passed a motion to adopt the GEAC recommendations at its meeting on December 15, 2004.

B. Identification of institutional expected learning outcomes

The committee collaborated with faculty to identify competencies and methods of assessment. The identified Learning Outcomes for the General Education program are: Communication, Critical Thinking, Technology Literacy, Collaboration, Ethical Values, Life Long Learning, Cultural Diversity and Quantitative Reasoning.

C. Development of a General Education Assessment Plan.

The General Education Assessment Plan includes competencies, methods of assessment and courses where outcomes and competencies are taught.

Program/Divisional Level Assessment Committee (P/DLAC)

The Program/Departmental Level Assessment Committee is charged with providing leadership for the design, development and implementation of a systematic program/departmental assessment plan and Overseeing assessment activities across the curriculum/functional areas.

Specific roles and responsibilities of the Program/Departmental Level Assessment Committee:

Providing leadership in identifying program/departmental learning outcomes/objectives linked both to FAMU's mission and goals

Providing leadership in identifying appropriate assessment methods/strategies to measure learning outcomes/performance at the program level

Monitoring and documenting opportunities provided for students to actively demonstrate their knowledge, skills/abilities, values and development at the program level

Supervising program level assessment data collection, analysis and interpretation relative to students' ability to achieve the learning objectives

Sharing program level assessment results with curriculum committee and other appropriate groups

Devising strategies for using assessment results to improve student learning, courses, programs, and services

Ensuring that feedback from program level assessments is provided to students and other stakeholders

Preparing and submitting, with the approval of the dean, requested assessment results to the university committee

Recommending to the university committee assessment information approved by the dean to meet externally mandated reports

Recommending desirable changes to the general education program assessment approach to the university committee.