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School of Architecture and Engineering Technology
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Spring 2011 Graduate Assistant Assignments

Faculty Student and Assignment
Michael Alfano Katie Logan
Jacksonville Studio Documentation
The student will document the work, experiences, and opinions of participants in the Florida A&M University School of Architecture’s Jacksonville Studio. This work will be achieved through surveys of former FAMU School of Architecture (SOA) students and professionals.
Andrew Chin Michael Chatman
Healthy Schools Healthy Communities
The student will assist in the analysis of Leon County Public Schools by developing a series of site/ location drawings. The work will assist in a paper that will be presented at a conference and published by the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA).
Andrew Chin Millicent Swift
NAAB Preparation
The student will collect examples of student work from students and SOA Faculty. She will digitize student work and scan faculty documents to create web version of NAAB exemplars
Pat Ding Miren Patel and Tesfa McCalla
SOA Printing Service
The students will prepare, manage and provide the on-site SOA Printing Service to the current undergraduate and graduate students.
Craig Huffman Andrea Gallardo
Daytona Beach Master Plan
The student will complete a Historic property inventory, digital renderings, and Form Based Code research
Roy Knight John Machala
High Density Development Research
The student will complete online image research and downloading of information and images for storage and transfer. The student will also prepare some charts and graphics to support the work. The final products will consist of an orderly compilation of material on the subject, a listing of sources and links, and potential blackboard postings.
Beth Lewis Erica Stanbra
Green Schools: Passive Design and Zero Energy
The student will scan images and documents as well doing research on codes, rating systems, case studies, new technologies, new materials and changing criteria for evaluation.
Gretchen Miller Devin Wilkins
Green Schools: Publication Planning
The student will assist with the organization and documentation of a symposium. The work will result in a collection of transcripts, online report and Graham Foundation Proposal
Matt Powers Adrian Carter
LAAB Preparation
The student will secure examples of student work from students and SOA Faculty. She will digitize student work and scan faculty documents to create web version of LAAB exemplars.
Matt Powers Rachel Marshall
Green Schools: Service Learning
The student will assist with the documentation of an outdoor reading room project proposed for Woodville Elementary School and environmental education efforts at Leon County Public Schools.
Enn Ots Rafael Garcia
Haiti Design/ Build Project
The students will compile the work completed in the 2009 and 2010 Elective courses as a final report and submission to the ACSA design competition
Arleen Pabon Muta Chokani
San Juan Historic Zone Nomination
The student will prepare drawings for the new nomination of the San Juan Historic Zone is being prepared, with revisions regarding the information about the 800 plus domestic units within the district. In addition, appropriate digital plans of the urban zone need to be created so that the zone is clearly demarcated. One such plan will probably suffice.
Eduardo Robles Gail Shopshire
Urban Design Course Materials
The student will update existing class lectures materials (approx. 1,000 slides) into digital format.
LaVerne Wells-Bowie Andrea Gallardo
Contemporary Urbanism and Cultural Sustainability
The student will update existing documentation (slides and drawings) into digital format.