School of Architecture and Engineering Technology
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Bachelor of Architecture

Program Description
The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) program leads to a professional degree accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)--the educational credentials needed for licensure as a registered, practicing architect. The primary mission of the B.Arch program is to prepare students for the practice of architecture. The School fulfills this mission through an urban design studio, a comprehensive building design studio and various lecture courses. B.Arch students use the School and faculty as rich resources in the development of their professional interests.

Full-time Track:  students may pursue the B.Arch. degree as a full-time student with classes that meet on a traditional schedule. Full time students can complete the degree in two semesters (15 credit hours each semester). Part-time Track: started in fall 2002, the opportunity leverages the maturity of older students with the communication potential of contemporary technology to provide the B.Arch. classes on a non-traditional schedule. The non-traditional schedule delivers the classes on a two-year cycle. 

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Application and Admission Requirements

The application deadline is typically the middle of January of each year.  Contact the school for the specific date.  After February 1, applications are not necessarily turned away, but they cannot be guaranteed priority for placement or financial aid consideration. The first letters are mailed at the end of February.  Students are either admitted, on a waiting list or denied admission. For specific admission requirements, please click on the B.Arch. curriculum.


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