The residential opening of the sixth floor of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University's new 800-bed housing facility has been temporarily postponed due to construction delays. The expected completion day of the sixth floor is September 2, 2014.

Floors 1 through 5 in FAMU's new 800-bed facility are open. Female residents that were set to move in to the sixth floor have been temporarily relocated to McGuinn Hall. Male residents have been temporarily relocated to Gibbs Hall, Sampson Hall and Palmetto North Apartments.

Projected New Move-in Date for FAMU Village Sixth Floor: 09.02.14

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the move-in delay of the sixth floor of the new FAMU Village dormitory opening, the university has compiled a list below of often asked questions regarding the situation. If you do not see an answer to your specific question below, please feel free to contact the FAMU Housing Department using the contact information listed at the bottom of this webpage.

Who was impacted by the FAMU Village construction delay?
Only students assigned to the sixth floor were impacted by the delay.

What is the expected relocation date?
Every student impacted by the construction delays is expected to be moved from their temporary on-campus living spaces into their assigned rooms in FAMU Village by September 2, 2014.

Will students have to move themselves?
No. The university will provide professional moving services to safely transport each student’s property. Parents and family members are not required to move students to their new rooms.

How will students travel from their temporary housing to the new FAMU Village?
The university will provide transportation for each student during their move.

Why did we not know about the delay ahead of time?
Unfortunately, construction delays are unpredictable. The unforeseen delays prohibited the university from opening the sixth floor of the FAMU Village on its original projected date.

Will the students be reimbursed?
Yes. FAMU campus residents impacted by the FAMU Village move-in delay will be reimbursed $28.75 per day. This will be credited to their FAMU student account.

Where are the handicapped accessible entrances for each residential facility?
FAMU Village: Main entrance located on Gamble Street.
Gibbs Hall: Main entrance located on Gibbs Hall Trail.
McGuinn and Diamond Halls: Side entrance of Diamond Hall on MLK, Jr. Boulevard.
Paddyfote Complex: Main entrance of buildings A, C and D located on Wahnish Way.
Palmetto North: Ground floor of each building located on Palmetto Street.
Palmetto South: Ground floor of each building located on Palmetto Street.
Palmetto Phase III: Ground floor of each building located on Palmetto Street.
Sampson Hall: Rear entrance located on Gibbs Hall Trail.
Truth Hall: Main entrance located off of MLK, Jr. Boulevard.
Young Hall: Rear entrance located on Gibbs Hall Trail and side entrance adjacent to Coleman Library.
If you require a reasonable accommodation pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act (ADAA), please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs at 850/599.3076

Will my student be required to miss class in order to move?
No. The university will schedule each student’s move around his or her class schedule, which includes the weekend.

Will the relocation process be supervised?
Yes. University officials and members of the FAMU Housing staff will assist during the relocation process.

How did the university decide which students would be housed on the sixth floor of the FAMU Village?
Placement in our residential facilities was based on the student’s preference and a first-come, first-served basis.

Why was the sixth floor the only floor affected?
Construction delays only affected the completion of the sixth floor in regards to the official move-in day.

Will current FAMU Village residents be affected by the completion of the sixth floor?
No. Students can expect a peaceful and safe living experience during the final stages of completion.

When will the FAMU Village be 100% complete?
According to the construction contractor, the facility is expected to be fully completed on Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

Who can I contact to get an official update?
While this webpage is in place to serve as a source for official updates, the university understands there may still be a need to contact a university official regarding the FAMU Village construction. Please feel free to contact the FAMU Housing Department at 888/603.9340 or send an email to

FAMU Move-In Day: 08.20.14

Male Residence Facilities Open

Gibbs Hall
Sampson Hall

Female Residence Facilities Open

McGuinn Hall
Paddyfote Complex
Truth Hall

Co-Ed Residence Facilities Open

FAMU Village (Floors 1 through 5)
Palmetto North Apartments
Palmetto South Apartments
Palmetto Phase III Apartments

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