Dashboard for President's Goals

2016-17 President's Goals

Dr. Larry Robinson


2016-17 Goals

Status Report of Achievements as of September 14, 2017 (Draft)

Dr. Robinson was appointed Interim President on September 15, 2016. The 2016-17 President's annual goals were approved by the Board of Trustees at its November 18, 2016 meeting. The dashboard below was developed to track performance on the President's annual goals and key performance indicators.

Click on each metric’s update link for status update (e.g., 1.1.1 update, 1.1.2 update, etc.)

Goal 1: Enhance Academic Excellence and Student Success

Objective 1.1: Improve retention and graduation rates

Objective 1.2: Maintain regional accreditation

1.2.1 Update

Objective 1.3: Improve performance on licensure examinations

1.3.1 Licensure examinations for all licensure programs (First time Pass Rates)

Objective 1.4: Enhance the quality of academic programs

1.4.3 Cost to the Student: Net Tuition per Degree for Resident Undergraduates in 120 hour Program

1.4.3 Update

Objective 1.5: Increase faculty, student, and staff buy-in and engagement with student success initiatives

Action plans to increase campus-wide engagement to support BOG Performance Metrics

1.5.1 Update

Goal 2: Enhance Student Life, Growth, and Development

Objective 2.1: Increase the Student Enrollment

Objective 2.2: Enhance Student Academic Support Services and Professional Development Activities

2.2.2 Effectiveness of advisement structure

2.2.2 Update

2.2.4 Action plan to increase undergraduate students’ engagement in research

2.2.4 Update

2.3.1 Action plan to support high performance of faculty in teaching and research.

2.3.1 Update

2.3.2 Communication Plan to highlight faculty achievements.

2.3.2 Update

2.3.3 Strategies to increase faculty engagement.

2.3.3 Update

Objective 2.4: Increase the number of baccalaureate and graduate degrees awarded

2.5.1 A revised facilities plan for CASS and P3 projects.

2.5.1 Update

Goal 3: Enhance visibility and productivity as a R2: Doctoral Universities - Higher Research Activity

Objective 3.1: Increase Research Funding

Goal 4: Enhance Fund Raising and University Relations

Objective 4.1: Increase institutional fundraising

4.2.1 Effective university relations with key stakeholders, including students, faculty, alumni, BOG, Florida Legislature, Industry Cluster and the private sector

4.2.1 Update

4.2.2 A Legislative Strategy Plan

4.2.2 Update

Goal 5: Enhance Administrative Processes

5.1.1 Corrective Action Plan to increase efficiency and effectiveness in university operations

5.1.1 Update

5.2.1 Debt Reduction Plan for Athletics

5.2.1 Update

Objective 5.3: Improve measures of the University’s financial health

Goal 6: Complete the University’s Strategic Plan