Lucy Ngatia

  Dr. Lucy Ngatia

   Research Associate









Dr. Ngatia is a soil biogeochemist. Her research and teaching interests focus on climate change mitigation, greenhouse gases production/emissions and soil nutrient dynamics in both wetlands and grazing lands. She utilizes 13C and 31P Nuclear Magnetic Resources (NMR), isotopes and other biogeochemical parameters to address scientific questions of global concern. Student mentorship and training is a key component in her work.    Dr. Ngatia is interested in global networking, collaboration and partnership in solving the most pressing environmental and agricultural problems. She previously conducted research in African savanna and South Florida Everglades.  She is currently conducting research at Apalachicola National Forest wetlands among other wetlands.  Dr. Ngatia is a fellow with Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and National Center of Competency in Research, Switzerland. Her other collaborators and/or partners include Florida State University (FSU) Mag lab, University of Florida, University of Colorado, Swedish Agricultural Sciences University, University of Nairobi and CETRAD