Andrew Rasmussen

Andyscope2006.jpgDr. Andrew K. Rasmussen is a Research Assistant Professor specializing in aquatic entomology. His research interests include aquatic insect taxonomy, biological assessment and monitoring of water quality in North Florida streams, and conservation of aquatic insect biodiversity. He has procured and managed contracts and grants from a variety of agencies, including the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, US Department of Agriculture, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Dr. Rasmussen has taught courses in aquatic entomology, general entomology, insect ecology, and conservation biology. He earned his B.S. in Water Resources from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, M.Ed. in Science Education from the University of Florida, and Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Florida/Florida A&M University.




Ph.D. Entomology, University of Florida / Florida A&M University, 2004

M.Ed. Science Education, University of Florida, 1988

B.S. Water Resources/Biology, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 1987


Fields of Specialization:

Aquatic Entomology, Systematics of Trichoptera (Caddisflies), Bioassessment of Aquatic Ecosystem Health